Astro ASR 1100 HDTV Receiver

Astro ASR 1100 HDTV Receiver, Astro Strobel stands for high quality satellite dishes, multi-switch and head-end equipment. With the ASR 1100 Single HD offer Bergisch Gladbach also an HDTV receiver. We looked at the device in more detail.

The ASR 1100 Single HD has it all:. This is located on the front left-hand side next to an alphanumeric display and a keypad to control channels and standby Right buttons are also visible, but only as a complement to the elegant style element front. Behind the flap conceals an integrated Conax shaft and two CI interfaces. So you can take the Astro into immediate operation, is an HDMI cable.

Astro ASR 1100


The back features only connection of a satellite cable connection options for flat panel displays (HDMI), Beamer (YUV) and hi-fi equipment (optical digital output). Two USB ports make the Astro the digital video recorder. Via Ethernet, it can integrated into a home network, or supplied with new software. Our sample was pre-set to the Astra programs. Since the Astro can also be used for rotating equipment, called a blind scan function has been integrated. These investigated the frequency ranges from a satellite in detail so that each program can really be found. With simple operation of Astra or Hotbird but suffice it to conventional automatic NIT search.

As mentioned above, the Astro is able to continue making records. This you have to do is connect an external hard drive via USB and format it once. Despite only a satellite tuner enables the ASR 1100 Single HD even two parallel recordings. The programs must reside on the same transponder. In addition, the HDTV satellite receiver music, photos and videos bring to the TV screen. Useful features such as an A-Z search, favorites lists by genre or EPG, searchable complete the comfort of the Astro ASR 1100 Single HD.


The Astro ASR 1100 Single HD is a versatile HDTV satellite receiver with good picture and sound quality and highly convenient shooting functions.

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