At the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be sold

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be sold

At the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be sold

The mysterious user of Dubizzle site that was selling a supposed G5 LG had obviously not that the LG phone on him. He also released a Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

There are a few minutes, we relayed the first pictures of what we assume to be the LG G5 . Images that came from Dubizzle site, the Arabic equivalent of Bon Coin. One of its smartphone users suggested the still unannounced LG sale. This mysterious user had obviously not the G5 in his cartoons because few minutes later he published in a relaxed a little extra ad (removed) which announced a sale Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, supporting photographs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaks

As for the LG G5, we will be careful not to assert that this is a true Galaxy S7. But again, these pictures correspond perfectly with the first rumors and leaks first . How this user could obtain the two biggest phone early this year a week before their announcement? Mystery.

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