AzBox miniMe Receiver Satellite TV American Edition

AzBox miniMe Receiver Satellite TV American Edition , The smallest AzBox HD receiver satellite TV adapted for the North American market, Introducing the smallest AZBox HD receiver, the AZBox miniMe. Meet miniMe and you will see how this small but powerful set top box fits to your needs and your space. This AZBox HD Receiver Satellite TV will give you all you need to convert your life into an unforgettable experience.

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Blind Scan

The Blind Scan function lets you scan all frequencies in a specific frequency range in order to scan currently active transponders on a specific satellite. Discover new channels and find exciting wild feeds thanks to the powerful blinscan function on the AzBox miniMe!

TV / Radio Reception

AZBox miniMe presents high quality image and sound for you to enjoy the reception and reproduction of television or radio channels. You can create personalised favourite lists for easier navigation and channels can also be automatically organized by provider when scanned and sorted by name, satellite or frequency.

Media Player

AZBox miniMe is also a Media Player with full functionality for media of our modern days. Music, photos and video are easily played and accessed with our models. Allowing you to play your favourite songs, watch your holiday photos and movies. You can also play many advanced and high quality formats of audio and video.

Internet radio

AZBox miniMe also features an Internet radio player capable of playing your favourite radio station live on your TV.

Full High Definition format 1080p

AZBox miniMe is capable of reproducing the High Definition format 1080p. With this format you can enjoy the highest quality content in the comfort of your home. Watching TV will become a totally new experience with crystal clear picture and sound, as if it were happening in front of you.

Advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Electronic Program Guide on AZBox miniMe allows you to schedule the recording of programs for later viewing, or schedule a watching list that will change the channel automatically to your favourite programs. A new way to never lose your favourite show. TV will never be the same.

Encryption systems

AZBox miniMe is equipped with a card reader (Conax license).

File Browser

AZBox miniMe has a File Browser totally compatible with your local or remote files, so you are able to copy, cut and paste them. You are able to browse files, not only in the local drive but also in the external drives connected, by using its USB hosting feature. Additionally, you can experience high level of convenience with the possibility of using wire/wireless networks, for the connection with your PC.

Recording and Time Shift

On AZBox miniMe you will not lose any critical scene of your favourite show, in case you need to leave the room. Just activate the Time Shift function, the reproduction is paused and later you can resume it from that exact moment onwards. You can also choose to record the show for later viewing, which can be done by pressing a button, or by scheduling the recording. With Me, you have time on your hands.

User manuals:

AzBox miniMe American Edition getting started guide : Download
AzBox miniMe safe mode recovery process : Download

Firmware updates:

AzBox miniMe American edition firmware version 1.20 : Download
AzBox miniMe American edition firmware version 1.50 : Download
AzBox miniMe American edition firmware version 1.56 : Download

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