BGAN Broadband Global Area Network Internet & Phone

BGAN Broadband Global Area Network Internet & Phone

BGAN Broadband Global Area Network Internet & Phone. BGAN Satellite Internet this network is comprised of three satellites owned by Inmarsat. These three satellites are in stationary orbit around the planet so that no matter your location, you may connect with one of the satellites using any of the many BGAN Terminals. Only the extreme polar regions are unable to connect because line-of-sight to the orbiting satellite is not possible.

Services available through a BGAN terminal are High-Speed Internet, Phone, Fax, ISDN, SMS Texting, and Streaming services, which are simply unshared Internet channels used by video/news broadcasters. Inmarsat has been a leader of global satellite communications services for over 30 years, and they license several manufactures to develop BGAN Terminals that communicate with any of the orbiting Inmarsat satellites. With Inmarsat’s BGAN service, you can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes wherever you are on the planet. Delivered via the most advanced commercial communications satellites ever launched, BGAN provides affordable, mobile broadband services at speeds up to half a megabit in a highly compact, easy to use form .

BGAN Satellite Modem A Mobile Office Connect a Laptop, Smartphone or any wireless device

All BGAN terminals may be used for excellent voice calling. Two phone numbers (phone & fax) are issued to each BGAN Sim Card, and more than one Sim Card can be owned. BGAN voice calling is superior to handheld satellite phones because the antenna is much larger, and unlike satellite phones that connect with many moving satellites, BGAN connects to a single stationary satellite. Call drops are avoided, and call quality is amazingly good. BGAN terminals do not require an external power source for idle operation with an average of 36 hours per charged battery. These systems are field proven and have been invaluable communications tools to thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide.

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