Captain 8000 HD Receiver Satellite TV

Captain 8000 HD Receiver Satellite TV ¬†, Captain 8000 HD is a high-definition satellite receiver.¬†Captain 8000 HD This receiver obtains unscrambled, HD signals, all of which does not require a monthly service fee. Because the Captain 8000 is an HD Receiver Satellite TV , you must use an HD television and HD cable, otherwise you are not going to obtain the highest quality audio and video signal.Value is what you’ll most appreciate the Captain 8000HD for this is the most affordable box in its class. Next to a crystal clear High Defnition Satellite TV picture and a powerful ultra fast processor, this receiver offers you a USB stick interface you no longer have to remove your box to update its software

Satellite TV

As well, the Graphic User Interface is one of the best and most user-friendly in the market. The unit has HDMI output, designed to deliver 1080i resolution, and a complimentary component cable. Of course, the 8000 HD also olfers the One-Button-Setup feature and a 3 or 7day EPG. The compact and sleek design of the receiver is made possible by the modem flat screen panel cover which houses all the control buttons and the USB interface. As for uniqueness, the Captain 8000 HD Receiver satellite TV offers a one of a kind display which not only shows you the channel number, but also the channel name! All Captain STBs are backed by our unique 5-yeas limited warranty.
– One-Button Receiver Setup – Multi Program (event) Scheduling
– Powerful ST! 5105 Processor – Component Output
– 3 6 7day EP6 acmasible from any channel – Ultra Fast Channel Scan
– Ultra fast channel Scan (Quick Scan) – Built-in Card Reader
– 6-OMB SDRAM – 5 Year Warranty
– ova-s fully Compliant ‘
– On Screen Display with 256 Color
– Blind Search (Power Scan)
– Powerful Search Function: Automatic, Manual (PID) & NIT Search
– Multi-Satellite & TP Search
– SPDIF Digital Sound
– DiSEqC 1.0 & 1.2 Compatible and USALS Supported
– 8 Favorite Channel Groups
– Multi-Language Supported (OSD & Menu)
– Total 5,000 Channels
– Multi-Picture Function (4-16 Pictures)
– AC-3 Digital Sound


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