Claro HDTV Internet Phones Combo Offers TV Subscription

Claro HDTV

Claro HDTV Internet Phones Combo Offers TV Subscription

Claro TV – Claro’s tv subscription

High Definition TV

Claro TV is Claro’s 100% digital pay-TV with sound and image quality. Enter and check out the movie channels, series, sports, documentaries, kids, with the best cost-benefit of the market.

Claro Fixed Light Plans

Claro landline phones offer low costs and benefits when talking unlimited to landlines throughout Brazil. Choose your ideal plan and see the unforgettable offers that Claro has prepared for you.

Claro Internet

Internet for everyone to stay connected!

Claro Internet has high speed mobile broadband. Get a better experience with 3G Max and 4G Max to browse your smarthphone, tablet or computer.

Claro Combo Offers

Claro Combo offers packages combined with subscription TV, broadband internet, landline and cell phones with great offers. Check out the best plans and sign up.

Claro Control Plans

Claro Control is the cell phone plan made for you who wants to have control of the expenses of your calls. Choose the best plan that suits you.

Claro is a complete telecommunications operator, with excellent pay-TV packages, landline and mobile phones, internet and more – at a fair price and fits in your pocket.

Claro TV: quality signal is in Claro HD

Claro TV is a good option for those who want all-digital pay-TV with image quality and high sound. On the site Claro TV, you subscribe the best of programming news, sports, movies, series, documentaries and other varieties.

Claro combo: learn more about the plans

Claro Combo counts on special combinations of services offered: pay TV, internet, and landline and mobile phone. All this with fair prices and promotions not to be missed on Claro’s Website.

Claro Controle is an option of Claro Claro ideal for those who need to control their spending, but does not give up the connection to the internet and other benefits. There are several plans and advantages for all tastes.

Claro Internet uses 3G high bandwidth and 4G Max high speed. Accessing social networks, browsing information on portals and blogs has never been so easy and fast – all with incredible promotional prices.

Definite Fix: talk at ease with family and friends

With attractive prices, Claro Claro plans are ideal for those who like to talk on the phone and spend little.

Packages Claro HDTV: subscribe now!

It is very easy to get the TV, telephone and internet packages, whether you have a Claro number or not. To hire the Claro plans faster, simply call our Customer Service Center free of charge and choose the ideal plan on the Claro Site.

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