Clear-Cast X1 HDTV Receiver Satellite TV Installation Guide

Clear-Cast X1 HDTV Receiver Satellite TV Installation Guide : Connect the Clear-Cast to the coaxial input on your TV or converter box, Place high on the inside of a window using the enclosed suction cups, Use Satellite TV remote to select menu and set your TV input to Air or Antenna, Then simply perform an auto channel scan and you are all set Clear Cast TV

Clear-Cast X1 HDTV Receiver Satellite TV Installation Guide

What is the range of the Clear-Cast HDTV Receiver?

Clear Cast X1 HDTV Receiver, The Clear-Cast is recommended for users who live within 50 miles of the over-the-air voice broadcasting towers (usually located near larger cities). However, due to differences in geography and your home construction, the maximum reception distance may vary.

How do I mount the Clear-Cast Receiver?

The Clear Cast x1 tv Box is shipped to you with two suctions cups which are be used to mount the Clear-Cast to any window. To mount on the wall, the Clear-Cast is incredibly light, making push pins or tape an easy alternative. To find the best performance, try moving the Clear-Cast to several locations to determine where signal strengths are the strongest.

Do I need a digital ready TV to use the Clear-Cast?

Yes, your TV does need to be digital ready. In order to use the Clear-Cast with a non-digital ready TV, you will need a digital converter box.An HD-ready TV is needed to receive high definition signals.

Can I use the Clear-Cast with an older tube style (SD) TV?

To use the Clear Cast free tv with an SDTV you will need a digital converter box. This will allow you to view digital-quality stations. An HD-ready TV is needed to receive high-definition signals.

My TV is on the other side of the room; can I extend the clear cast cable ?

Yes, the Clear-Cast x1 is made to use an RG-6 coaxial cable and a female to female F-type connector. However, running a cable greater than 25ft may degrade performance.

Can I use a splitter to use the Clear-Cast on multiple TVs?

For the best reception it is recommended that you use one Clear-Cast per TV. A splitter dividesthe signal strength between each TV, which may result in not receiving all of the channels you would get otherwise.

Can I use the Clear-Cast outdoors?

The Clear-Cast was designed for indoor use only. Exposure to the elements can damage the Clear-Cast and degrade performance, or cause it to cease functioning.

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