Computer: No or slow internet with attached Iphone

Computer: No or slow internet with attached Iphone

An iPhone or iPad can crash the Internet when you connect to your computer, under certain conditions. Read what you can do about it

A plugged Iphone may affect the Internet connection on your computer, when several factors come together.

That’s happened to us himself: The battery capacity of Iphone is running low. So fast the smartphone with the USB cable plug it to the PC, so that it is charging.

From that bitchy but the computer had strange quirks. First, all internet actions were painfully slow, the end came in the browser at each site, the message “Connection failed”.

A note was previously published message from Windows that it had detected a new network with the address 172.20.10.x. But where did all these effects?

iPhone or iPad can crash the Internet when you connect to your computer

Thus, the iPhone or iPad disrupt your computer

In our case, the answer to the riddle was at the activated yesterday option Personal Hotspot. The had supplied on a ride entrained iPad with mobile internet and was inadvertently disallowed not again.

But if you connect the iPhone with hotspot activated with a computer then generates the there a new Internet connection, which has a higher priority than the home network that makes internet access via DSL or cable modem. All inquiries so then pass on the iPhone.

That came dropouts was in our case to the poor reception conditions for mobile phone network in the office: time the smartphone in the GSM network was logged, sometimes not.

To set the iPhone as a disturbance from

To ensure that everything is functioning normally, you need to disable only the settings the Personal Hotspot option.

The best way to disable this setting each time as soon as possible. Although she is protected with a password, it represents a potential gateway for your iPhone or iPad.

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