Do you remember? 8 Features Apple forced us to jailbreak to get

8 Features Apple forced us to jailbreak

Do you remember? 8 Features Apple forced us to jailbreak to get

Remember when the iPhone had folders and background updates? We do a look back at all that Apple has now been fixed but that made ​​it so liberating to jailbreak.

Iphone is up in its ninth version, and iOS has reached as far. From the iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 2 as it was called when Apple’s revolutionary phone first came to Sweden a lot has happened, and Apple has added more and more features in the system that we previously only dreamed of.

Over the years, some users have chosen to lock up their phones with jailbreak, programs that use security lapses in the system to break Apple’s restrictions and install virtually anything. As Apple has improved the system, the list of things you can fix via jailbreak shrunk, and now it must be very for it to be worth it.

Here are the functions we remember, that made ​​the jailbreak worth while.

1. Breaking operator turns
On of the most common reasons why people chose to jailbreak had nothing with IOS functions but to get the iPhone to function as a phone. Apple was not nearly as rapidly launch new models outside the US, and those who were early could thank his lucky stars that the program was ultrasn0w. Nowadays, Apple sells unlocked phones so the need is basically gone.

2. Multitasking
Until iOS 4 was Apple’s mobile operating system, no multitasking at all. When you closed the app was closed simply by. So it was off to save power and processing power, but it made users mad and drove thousands of users to jailbreak, Cydia and extension backgrounder. Not until iOS 7 system had built-in support for the apps any time to continue running in the background. Before, most apps completely frozen in the background.

3. Folders on the Home screen
Something that is easy to forget is that IOS has not always had folders on the home screen to better keep track of all the apps. This feature appeared in the jailbreak and Apple took the fast gallop – already in the IOS 4 came built-in support.

4. rein in apps
Apple has always been very hard on the lock of apps, which is good for safety but pose for some apps. Emulators for example, that even in cases where they are allowed on the App Store can not add new games afterwards because Apple does not allow apps to install the program in retrospect, other than buying in-app approved by the company. With the jailbreak could be potential users including play old 8-bit games. Nowadays almost everything on the App Store – and even emulators for Atari and Commodore 64th.

5. FaceTime mobile network
It is hard to believe today, but before iOS 6, you could only make FaceTime calls over wifi. With jailbreaktillägget My3G could be early users of iPhone 4 and iPod touch make data-hungry videostamtal over the mobile network, which today is a matter of course (although most content with voice calls, another feature that was missing until iOS 7).

6. Short set
Before iOS 7 came and gave us the Control Center we had to dig into the settings for example, turn off Bluetooth. Jailbroken devices had access to supplements SBSettings and Ncsettings, who also did the usual settings more easily accessible.

7. Automatic Updates
IOS 7 was really a mammoth update that not only gave the system a much-needed facelift, but also a lot of useful features. One of these was the automatic updates of the app, which jailbreakanvändare had already grown accustomed to thanks to Auto App Updater.

8. Record video
IPhone 3G had no video capability on their petty little camera, but with the jailbreak and app Cycorder went for it anyway. Not that the results were a few Oscar winners, yet.

Bonus: F.lux
Actually, we’re not quite there yet, but in iOS 9.3, which is currently in beta testing included the new feature Night Shift, which causes it to become more yellow as the sun went down, and thus emit less blue light (which would otherwise interfere dygnstyrmen) . F.lux is a popular Mac Software which since 2011 has also been around for jailbroken iOS devices.

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