Dreambox DM520 DVB-C/T2 HD Satellite Receiver

Dreambox DM520

Dreambox DM520 DVB-C/T2 HD Satellite Receiver

The Dreambox returns with the DM520 and comes in both a satellite version and in a version for cable and antenna reception.

The new Dreambox will be available in two versions, the one with DVB-S2 for satellite and another with DVB-C / T2 receiver for cable and antenna. According to the manufacturer, the DM520 supports the video standard H.265, which for HD reception via antenna (DVB-T2) is required in Germany and many other countries. The antenna version is equipped with a CI + slot which can accommodate a Freenet module for encrypted private HD channels. The satellite version has a card slot, but is not innately + suitable for Sky HD .

Streaming apps to follow
A Broadcom chipset of the latest generation (BCM 73625) to provide fast switching and fast navigation. The DM520 is delivered with the proven multi-remote control for Dreambox and TV or Blu-ray player. The budget for Receiver otherwise typical 256 megabytes (MB) in the flash memory exceeds the DM520 with 512 MB – it should therefore have ready enough storage for streaming services. according Dreambox purpose are already some apps in planning. Additionally, the DM520 also supports playback of TV programs from the network to the satellite IP standard. Special receiver about from Elgato and Panasonic TV feed to a TV program into the network. About the backside network connection or optionally via WLAN allows the Dreambox to the home network and to the Internet. On the flip side, among other things, two USB ports and a mini-USB service port through which the Dreambox in the case of flash crashes that restores hand – the shipment to the manufacturer or a service provider is thus not to need ,

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