DVB-T2 HD Receiver Test From Vergleich.org Shows


Impeccable TV reception and no flaws in picture and sound

By 2019 at the latest, all TV stations want to have upgraded to the new DVB-T2 HD reception technology. People who have previously watched DVB-T will have to invest and invest in new equipment. The independent consumer portal Vergleich.org has therefore recently tested ten DVB-T2 receivers. According to the consumer portal, all the devices tested were largely convincing in their most important function.

As the DVB-T2 HD Receiver test from Vergleich.org shows, people who do not want more than a good picture and clear sound can be completely safe with the purchase of a DVB-T2 receiver: each of the ten tested devices convinced with a high Image and sound quality. “Even in terms of signal strength, none of the receivers tested failed,” explains Niklas Kaulbersch, Head of the Vergleich.org DVB-T2 test.

Different receivers for different requirements

There are, however, a lot of differences in the functional diversity of the different devices. “In general, the more expensive the device, the more functions are also on board,” says Kaulbersch. “Our test winner, the DigiPal ISIO HD from TechniSat, is the broadest of all the products tested. In addition to classic features such as videotext, timer and child safety, the device features extras such as a recording function, Timeshift, Internet functions and integrated access to freenet TV connect. Anyone looking for a true all-rounder will not be disappointed by the TechniSat DigiPal ISIO HD. ”

Price-performance-winner Skymaster DTR5000 also has the standard repertoire of a good receiver with video teletext, timer and child safety as well as a recording function and Timeshift even more. Only smart TV functions and access to freenet TV connect is not in the Skymaster DTR5000 in vain. “We recommend the Skymaster to anyone who is looking for a fast receiver with pure DVB-T2 reception and who can do without Internet functions,” Kaulbersch notes.

Do I need freenet TV connect?

Freenet TV connect is a free, internet-based supplement to the TV offer and offers, in addition to other TV programs, access to different media centers, apps and on-demand services.

Two speakers suitable for freenet TV connect

Compare TechniSat DigiPal ISIO HD (119 Euro) and the Samsung GX-MB540TL (79 Euro) are the only two products in the test that support freenet TV connect.

Vergleich.org recommends: if you want to receive programs like MTV, Comedy Central or CNN, it is worth investing in a receiver with freenet TV connect access. If you do not pay attention to the channels, you can do well on freenet TV connect – because many modern TVs already have access to the media library, apps and on-demand services via their “Smart TV” function.

DVB-T2: the end of free TV?

The conversion to DVB-T2 means for everyone the end of the free television, which wants to receive more than the public programs via the antenna. “If you want to watch private stations via the antenna, you have to pay,” confirms Kaulbersch. “Freenet TV access, integrated into the receiver or the TV card for the decryption of the private users, costs 5.75 euros every month. Each receiver we tested has such a function. Public programs continue to be transmitted in an encrypted manner, and no one has to pay for those channels. ”

The fact that the quality simultaneously increases from SD to HD, but does not justify the costs for everyone. “People who do not have a HD-capable television are the ones who suffer the change,” says Kaulbersch. “The receiver automatically switches to SD quality for TV sets without HD.”

Conversion to DVB-T2 takes place step by step

The change from DVB-T to DVB-T2 does not occur in each region at the same time. Many areas have already migrated on 29 March 2017, and 2017 and 2018 are followed by more, so that 2019 can be disregarded via DVB-T2 in almost all regions. “Dependent on the residential area, different antennas are needed to receive the signal,” Kaulbersch comments. “While a room antenna can be sufficient in urban areas, a roof antenna is often necessary in rural regions.”

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