Encryption: a French member wants to Apple and Google fined

Encryption: a French member wants to Apple and Google fined

Yann Galut, MP PS Cher, wants to introduce a bill forcing the hand of the digital giants like Apple and Google. He wants to punish severely digital companies that do not cooperate with the French justice.

MP Dear Yann Galut is not a case similar to that between the FBI and Apple by providing the French legislation more binding tools. “We are faced with a legal vacuum on the issue of data encryption, blocking judicial investigations,” says the Cher MP.


For him, if Apple versus FBI is not an isolated case and has been a problem in France. He said that last year a similar event took place in France where eight phones seized in the various surveys, could be used and were silent because of protection systems can not circumvent. In its bill, the French deputy solution proposed to impose a fine of 1 million to any digital society (eg Apple or Google) refusing to cooperate with French justice.

To recall, in the case of the investigation into the killing of 14 people by San Bernardino in California. Apple refused to help the FBI to decipher a dozen iPhone. Iceberg firm pleaded the protection of the privacy of its customers and it is a duty to maintain the confidence of its consumers.

Yann Galut did not hear it that way and even outraged. In his interview with Le Parisien newspaper , he stated: “These companies have a total bad faith! They hide behind a supposed protection of privacy, although they are quick to make commercial use of personal data they collect. On this theme, I find it very ironic to see them suddenly erect under models! ”

It seems that even giants like Apple or Google are not above the law and see themselves in the future inflicted more sanctions if they do not work like any other citizen.

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