Euston 7000 HD Satellite Receiver With PVR

Euston 7000 HD Satellite Receiver With PVR is a representative of a new line of receivers Euston, providing along with the reception of satellite broadcasts in standard definition (SD), and still receive broadcasts in high definition (HD). Additional channels can record to HDD drive connected to the USB-port, Euston 7000 HD makes a unique receiver in its price category. For the price of an ordinary machine, and you get another HD PVR Receiver!

HD Satellite Receiver

Given that the number of available HD channels is still small, a very useful function will be integrated simulator that helps to watch a lot of closed channels. Also in Euston 7000 HD has a CI slot that allows you to use the official access card (for – NTV +, tricolor, Orion Express, Rainbow TV Platform or HD) with the CAM-modules.

The picture in this HD Satellite TV Receiver is obtained remarkable even using the analog connection to the TV connector SCART, connection is via HDMI is implementing the highest possible quality. However, to appreciate this quality you can only channels HDTV.

Naturally Euston 7000 HD Satellite Receiver can take the Express AM1 satellite 40E with an appropriate size (and, of course, tuned) antenna. That allows you to watch over 20 channels (including all federal) in MPEG-4, as even better than that at NTV Plus or tricolor. It is also worth mentioning that it is from the satellite relay channels and take the cable operators.

Euston 7000 HD looks great in black and in silver casing.

Size – a classic for Hi-End equipment. Remote and menus – at altitude.

Common parameters:
Ability to receive channels of HDTV – is;
Ability to receive channels of MPEG-4 DVB-S – a;
Input Tuner – 1 DVB-S2;
Software type – indoor soft, depending on the manufacturer;
Ability to use the card Viaccess (including NTV Plus) – need to buy a module for Viaccess;
Ability to use the module / card platform on HD – you have to buy the module platform HD;
Ability to use the module to Tricolor TV – you have to buy a module Tricolor TV;
Ability to use maps Irdeto (including Rainbow TV and Orion Express) – need to buy a module for Irdeto;
Ability to use the card Conax – you have to buy a module for Conax;
The number of licensed card reader – no;
The number of the card reader at all encodings – no;
The number of slots for modules (CI) – 1;
Availability of alternative emulator software – is;
The quality of support emulator – bad;
Availability List All functions in the alternative software – no;
How can we realize Cardsharing – RS232 and PC;
Availability of Ethernet – no;
What packages of channels can be opened with sharinga (only for experimental purposes or if it is allowed where you use) – no;
Ability to record – via USB;
Ability to record one channel and watching another – no;
The ability to use PIP – no;
Number connectors HDMI – 1;
Number connectors USB – 1;
How can I use USB – JPEG, MP3, software change, Timeshift;
The presence of the component output – via RCA;
The presence of type connectors SCART – 2;
The presence of connectors S-Video – none;
The presence of RCA (composite) – no;
The presence of the modulator – no;
The presence of S / PDIF – is;
The presence of the coaxial digital audio output – no;
The presence of connectors 0/12V – no;
The presence of indicator – yes;
Maximum number of channels – 4000;
TV guide for the week – yes;

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