First Media HD Receivers Free To Watch Encryption TV Program

HD Receivers Gbox HD1001 Free to watch First Media encryption charge for TV program , Gbox HD1001 specific product, mainly decoding First Media company charges TV programs. Gbox HD1001 does not require any fee you can watch all charges First Media programs, no network, no card, our products need only connect First Media signals,then you can watch First Media all charges programs without any charge around 190 sets of programs.

Firstmedia HD Receivers Free To Watch Encryption TV Program

First Media Gbox HD1001 :

Users have opened first media signal.
User’s home has been opened first media signal, in this case, as long as the user uses GBOX HD1001 can watch first media all charges programs (firstmedia highest television program packages) around 190 sets of programs , just use GBOX HD1001,then users do not need to pay First media Program Packages and monthly fee,users can permanent watch all the charges firstmedia programs.

Firstmedia TV Program Packages

User’s home has previously used first media signal.
now the user has the used firstmedia signal (products), as long as the user’s home first media signal lines (signal interface) is still left, just connected GBOX HD1001 with the firstmedia signal lines , GBOX HD1001 can normally watch all the firstmedia charges programs without any charge.

user without first media signals.
If the user does not use first media signal at home, user only need to open the first media company’s basic package.

After use open the first media company’s basic package,just use GBOX HD 1001, then you can watch first media all charges programs without any charge (around 190 sets of programs).

Users do not need to worry about first media company will stop the service, even if first media company stop service, it doesn’t matter,as long as first media’s signal line is still in your home,use GBOX HD1001 still can watch all the charges programs without any charge as normal.


Fully complaint MPEG-2 MP@HL and MP@ML video decoder
Fully complaint MPEG-1 Layer I & II, Dolby Digital Audio, WMV-9, WMV-9 Pro and HE-AAC Digital Audio decoder
174 MHz ~ 858 MHz VHF&UHF input and LOOP OUT
On Screen Display with Multi-language
Fully support to Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
Auto search and Manual search supported
Automatic Save for last channel
Plug and Play installation with an ease to use Menu System
Optical S/PDIF Digital audio output interface
1080P Video Resolution supported
Auto, 4:3, and 16:9 Aspect Ratio supported
EBU Teletext supported
DVB or EBU selected by the system based on availability on the network
Various channel editing function(Group, Favorites, Move, Lock, Rename, Delete)
Software upgrade via USB2.0 interface and OTA.
DC 12V Power Supply Option
True Color OSD, Including alpha channel.
Multi format media play, Support TS,XVID,DIVX,AVI,WMV.
Integrate audio playback, Support mp3,wma.
Integrate web browser(Option).
7 days Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Parental Lock

Function Interface:

1x Coaxial S/PDIF
1x Smart Card Reader
1x CI slot
2x USB2.0 port
1x RS-232 port
1x Ethernet port

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