Freebox 4K Mini Box Ultra High Definition

Freebox 4K Mini Box Ultra High Definition

Freebox Since 2015 Free has offered its subscribers the new Freebox 4K Mini Box Ultra High Definition . This new Freebox replaces the Freebox Crystal.
The first triple-play box compliant 4K. Freebox 4K mini box is the only triple-play compliant 4K or Ultra High Definition. She is ready to disseminate 4K content.


Freebox 4K Mini

The 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) provides images with a level of detail 4 times the “Full HD”. This innovation is made possible by:
• the power of dual-core A15 processor clocked at 4K mini Player and 1.5GHz with 2GB of RAM,
• the latest generation compression standard HEVC (H.265) which significantly improves the coding of flows and can read the contents of the mini 4K 4K Freebox,
• HDMI® connector that connects the player to the TV 4K UHD of the subscriber.

1st triple-play box with Android TV

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Free is the first operator to offer a set-top box with Android TV, Google’s platform to the TV. TV Android provides access to a world of content and applications specifically developed for TV.
With 4K Freebox mini, the Freebox subscriber accesses the Google experience on the TV through a simple and intuitive TV interface.
From the home screen, the subscriber accesses personalized content recommendations Google Play, YouTube and other applications Suggested according to their tastes and uses.

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