Glance on Windows 10 Mobile consumes almost 50% of the battery in use day

Battery on Windows 10 Mobile

Glance on Windows 10 Mobile consumes almost 50% of the battery in use day

Battery is one of the aspects that need development in the mobile market. While more robust solutions are not provided commercially, the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets need to work in software optimization for consumption is minimized. And it seems that Microsoft is not being very happy in that respect, at least when the Glance feature comes into play on devices with Windows 10 Mobile.

As most may be aware, devices incorporating screens with support Glance enable you to view important information without having to unlock the device, resulting in battery saving, as notices and other information are seen in a presentation to the screen every darkened and uses only a few milliamps. But it seems that the new mobile OS from Redmond is not coping well with the feature.

In the graph below, created by the All About Windows Phone personal, we see that the site testing the Glance feature in Windows 10 Mobile was responsible for draining the battery of the device voraciously.

battery graphic
Glance consumption test on Windows 10 Mobile

The red and blue lines represent, respectively, smartphones Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950 (the latter with a SIM) connected to a Wi-Fi network with the same applications and Glance enabled. In the bottom of the chart we have a yellow line showing the average consumption of the battery per hour, stabilizing at 6.3%.

The test was then repeated with completely disabled Glance, hence we have the green line showing the best autonomy, while the purple line at the bottom shows the consumption per hour with levels at 3.6%. This means that without the feature enabled smartphones last up to 12 more hours in stand-by mode (28 hours vs. 16 hours with the Glance), or other numbers, the feature is responsible for draining 43% of the total charge for a day of use.

Glance on Windows 10 Mobile
Glance consumption in the Lumia 950

The question now is, does Microsoft can improve those numbers? Despite consuming little battery, a screen displaying information (even if almost totally darkened) still have to resort to the battery to perform this task.

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