Halo Back in review: the iPhone screen protector with built back button

iPhone screen protector

Halo Back in review: the iPhone screen protector with built back button

This label will make using the iPhone easier: For the Halo Back puts you a back button right next to the home button. Jony Ive will pull their hair out. We will try out what the gadget is good.

On the larger become the display of the iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus the back button of iOS is more difficult to achieve. Many users have grown accustomed to it, but not only switching from Android are likely to miss the back button and cursing all the way to the top left corner of the screen – because there is iOS’s back button.

No Return to the Home Screen

I myself have Halo back only briefly tried, but can rely on the extensive experience of my colleague Pia, who has switched recently from Android to the iPhone 6s. The attachment of the film on the display folds easily with the included mounting frame. He also ensures that the protective film is properly positioned, only bubbles you have to pay attention makes.

Who long uses an iPhone, is rarely tempted to press a back button next to the Home button, but our long-term tester Pia was happy almost to how to navigate on their old smartphone and not always extend the fingers to accept or a second hand to help. However, it seems as though Halo Back a breaking point. At least discovered Pia at their film center a small notch at the side and then wanted to lift the protective foil and press again. But that was no longer possible, since they broke through in the middle.

The film passes the touches on the invisible back button more reliable. Moreover, the last step of an app out do not go to the homescreen Halo back, as there is no button for this purpose. But that’s what the Home button.

That you with the an app Halo Back not can leave, is due to the operation of the 0.21 millimeter thick protective film, which is a total of five layers. The middle layer passes Eure touch pass into the upper left corner of the display, which is the back button of iOS. The top layer has according to the manufacturer the hardness of 9H Mohs, making it as hard as sapphires or rubies and can be scratched by very few harder materials.

Conclusion: Useful gadget that can not overcome Apple’s borders

With the back button of Halo Back to facilitate operation of the iPhone really-not only for fresh upgrading from Android. However, the back protector does not always work as it a trick uses, which does not work anywhere in iOS and not in any app. To remain at the end of a nice idea, but in practice pushes their limits.

Halo Back in May 2015, Kickstarter over 250,000 dollars collected for his eponymous Protector – targeted were $ 20,000. Since the January 2016 sells online store Tecsetter improved according to the manufacturer second generation of Halo Back in Germany – and has kindly provided us with the films for testing. The special protector costs in Germany 26.49 EUR – plus shipping – and is available in two sizes for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus available.

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