HBO selects ARRIS DSR-7400 HEVC Satellite Receiver Transcoder

HBO selects ARRIS DSR-7400 HEVC Satellite Receiver Transcoder

HBO selected the ARRIS DSR-7400 series transcoder satellite receiver to support the optimization of its current MPEG 2/4 distribution platforms as well as prepare for future content distribution with HEVC compression and DVB-S2X advanced modulation technologies. The DSR-7400 builds on ARRIS’s 30-year leadership in advanced video network systems.

ARRIS DSR-7400 HEVC Satellite Receiver Transcoder

The ARRIS DSR-7400 uses the latest HEVC video compression to reduce satellite bandwidth by up to 50 percent, while maintaining compatibility with deployed MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 set-tops. This enables programmers to take advantage of the bandwidth efficiencies of the latest compression technology (HEVC), while maintaining backwards compatibility with the vast installed base of devices. The ARRIS DSR-7400 also supports Ultra HD and HDR services. Its integrated transcoding capabilities enable programmers to distribute the highest fidelity 4K signals as a mezzanine master copy, and then create an MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 services for their affiliates, in both HD and SD.

The ARRIS DSR-7400 satellite receiver transcoder also supports the latest technology in satellite network transmission: DVB-S2X. DVB-S2X is an extension of the popular DVB-S2 specification that provides significantly higher spectral efficiency through more efficient bandwidth roll-off and finer gradation of the modulation and coding modes. In combination with HEVC compression, DVB-S2X increases the video capacity of satellite transmission channels, which can be used to increase video fidelity, add more channels to existing networks, and launch new services like 4K HDR programming.

HBO is always striving to optimize its use of satellite broadcasting, and the ARRIS DSR-7400 series transcoding platform is our foundation for leading out the next phase of technology advances and giving our subscribers the best TV experience available,” said Stefan Petrat, SVP of Media Technology and Information Systems, HBO. “Our ongoing collaboration with ARRIS is helping us maximize bandwidth efficiency across our entire delivery network as we usher in a new era of content for our subscribers.”

“We designed the new DSR-7400 transcoder platform to deliver the bandwidth efficiencies of new compression and satellite modulation technologies, while supporting new Ultra HD formats and providing compatibility with the installed base of MPEG2 and MPEG4 distribution networks and set-tops,” said Bruce McClelland, ARRIS President, Network & Cloud, Global Services. “Our business has a legacy of developing leading-edge technologies with HBO, dating back to the original analog satellite encryption system, VideoCipher; the first commercial digitally compressed multiplex with DigiCipher; the first commercial High Definition Service in 1999; and now an HEVC-based system to deliver the future of TV.”

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