How to restore access to the iPhone if blocking intruders, experience

restore access to the iPhone

How to restore access to the iPhone if blocking intruders, experience

In Nvpress told the story of “saving” the gadget that occurred with resident of Yakutia.

By unlocking asked $13 USD

“A week ago my favorite iPhone 5s was locked – says one of the victims of scams Varvara Semenova. – At first I did not understand what happened, tried several times to restart your phone. But every time you turn on the screen came out: “The device was lost blocked.” To launch a smartphone, you must enter the Apple ID and password to it. All my attempts ended in failure. It was only later I noticed that there is one message for me: “Write». Thinking that this e-mail tech support Apple, I immediately wrote a letter with a call for help. The answer is not forced to wait long: “Hello, your device is locked. Unlocking is $13 USD. Payment for Kiwi purse. Unlock held for 5 minutes after the payment. ” When I received this letter before I finally realized – someone is trying to breed me the money. My argument here confirmed Google – appears a new kind cyber and extort money from owners of “iPhones”, “iPad”, “macbook ” Victims hackers were thousands of Russians. ”

She immediately decided for myself that send their money extortionists it would not be. “In the next letter I asked, or is there a guarantee that after sending money I will send access code and not break a couple of days for the second time? What got cheeky reply: “Your device is not required. This one-time process. ”

Helps only Apple technical support service

Unlock iPhone girl alone failed, though she tried to do it on the instructions found on the web. On the advice of friends, she waited Monday (device was blocked on Friday night) to get in touch with the Russian technical support service of Apple.

“I called the number that was listed on their website: 8-495 – 580-95-57. The operator, after hearing the essence of my problem, call transferred to the department of security. Here I was praised for things I did not succumb to the tricks of swindlers. By the way, according to the operator, a day before they received hundreds of calls from owners of the iPhone and iPad, which, as I have become victims of extortionists. He also said that the perpetrators even after the person they will transfer the money, leaving him holding the bag. ”

Official password recovery procedure took about an hour. During this time she had to prove that she is the owner of the device. You need to call a user name, answer the secret question that was asked at check Apple ID and so on. D.

Strictly following the instructions tech support employee, Barbara unblocked finally the device. However, after an attack by hackers all apps, photos, contacts were lost. Return was only what was saved in iCloud.

How is blocking

Everything is as follows: you turn on the device and it appears that it stolen. To unlock it, you need to enter a code, which device owner knows. There is also a message that you need to pay money, and will send the code.

How do they do it? It’s simple: you can steal your mail, tied to the Apple ID. It is easy to guess that fraudsters use the factory function Activation Lock remote locking devices. Carefully implemented even Apple developers the opportunity to send a message on the screen of the smartphone is locked – so the attackers pass to the victims and demands ransom payment details. Naturally, in order to access the Activation Lock and lock the device remotely by hackers ID required Apple ID and password from it – most likely, they receive it by e-mail hacking.

The scheme is as follows: intruder somehow gain access to the victim’s e-mail address for which is fixed and ID Apple ID. Further, the scammer asks for password recovery and thus has full access to the management of devices through iCloud.

Calculated on the alarmist

The local service center confirmed that, indeed, many customers requested to unlock Apple. “Treated people who have found a strange device or bought it in bad faith seller. We usually recommend that they return the machine its rightful owner or, sell it for parts. But in recent months were using to address the legitimate owners of the iPhone, which “stole» Apple ID. Just saying that we help them nothing can. In such cases, I advise you to contact the technical support company. In my opinion, this new type of fraud with “kidnapping» Apple ID is designed to alarmists, who immediately rush to pay extortionists. For educated people who understand how the system works, blocking the smartphone or tablet is just a temporary inconvenience “- shared with us in service.

Our advice to you: in no case transfers the money swindlers, and even write a statement to the police about illegal encroachment on your device and extortion of money.

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