How to write an entire article in less than an hour?

How to write an entire article in less than an hour?

When people are lying in bed reading literary works, they want to talk about the landscape where history, feelings, characters develops and they tell the story without omitting details.

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But when people are reading on the Internet, they want me to tell the story quickly. They do not want to adorn information.

they simply want to understand what you are explaining … And that has to be your goal!

When they want to learn something, they want to learn as quickly as possible.

Everyone is looking for a shortcut to start applying what they have learned. That’s why you should be brief and get to the point of your article.

For all the above, you do not need to be a professional writer. To be able to write an article that other people want to read.

Unfortunately, most people are wrong. Because they believe that writing articles is a chore … And that only they can do, professional writers or writers-minded people!

Let us make sure that anyone can write an article. All you need is to follow “step by step” an easy way to do it.

Here you will learn the steps to write an article in less than an hour:

Step 1: Before you start writing your articles, answer the following questions:

– Why do I write? What is my goal?

– What kind of information is what I have to share?

– What information is available about it?

– If it’s worth investing time and effort to write articles for my niche?

– What is the appropriate format or structure for the item you want to write?

– Who am I writing? Who is my reader? What are they looking for on the Internet?

– What kind of language I use with my audience?

– How can I differentiate my items items from the competition?

Step 2. Select the topic of your article.

If you want to write about something, you need to know in depth.

Do you know the topic you want to write the article?

If you answer “NO”.

Your first task is to become an expert on that topic. Simply enter Google and read everything you can on that specific topic.

Just, you finish doing the above. Determine the question or problem you want to solve with your article.

If you do not know what specific topic to write, look at the blogs, communities, forums, etc.

Find out what things people are asking and what they want to know! … If you perform this research, you will find good topics to write your articles.

Step 3. Create the skeleton of your article.

Once you know the “problem” with your potential readers, your article starts with the intention of solving this problem.

The easiest way to start is to create the “skeleton” for your article. Use the following as a guide:

a) Indicates the problem and promises a solution. (Just write quick notes at this stage.)

For example:

Problem: How to be successful?

Solution: The 9 Steps to design and create your success.

b) List the “process” to resolve the problem. Divide this process of logical steps 3-10.

Each of these steps will be a subtitle of your article.

For example,

These are the 9 steps to design and create their success:

Step No. 1: Recognize, Step No 2: Sincerate, Step # 3: Dream, Step No. 4: Focus Step 5: Get caught, Step No. 6: lands, Step No. 7: Potentiate, Step No. 8: Move, Step No. 9: persevere.

c) Define the points you want to place on your conclusion. That is, give them advice on how to get an immediate solution to the problem they have or compárteles a link to a product that they can solve the problem permanently.

Always end your article on a positive note that leaves your reader the feeling of satisfaction with the time to read your article have been taken.

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