HughesNet: The New Satellite Internet System


HughesNet The New Satellite Internet System

Although it is impossible to believe, a satellite system has been introduced in the telecommunications market that offers broadband Internet with a stable connection, with which you can surf the Internet, with a fast loading of websites, watch videos and videos. Download files that you want quickly and, most importantly, from anywhere.

This new system, called HughesNet, allows the connection of the most remote places in the world with the world network of computers. Isolated islands, oil platforms and even remote tribes depend on this connection for their communication and, notwithstanding the high technology involved.

The process is quite simple, a HughesNet specialist installs a small satellite dish (90cm or less) on the roof of your house and connects it to a modem. This direct connection is what allows the use of broadband Internet without the need of a telephone line.

Below is a step-by-step description of how HughesNet satellite internet works:

Step 1

After requesting access to a specific website, a signal is sent directly to the Hughes satellite, which is more than 35,000 km high. The communication is extremely fast and the satellite is always in a fixed position with respect to the earth (geostationary satellite) so that it has the best connection.

Step 2

Upon receiving the access request, the satellite connects to the network operations center of HughesNet, the most advanced of this type of market, which will find the desired website.

Step 3

The site responds directly through the same system, passes through the satellite and reaches your computer through the antenna and modem installed in your residence by HughesNet. Despite all the distance traveled, the exchange of information takes only a fraction of a second.

Why choose HughesNet?

Hughes is named as the world leader in satellite communication and recently the most advanced in the industry. With plans starting from 20 Megas, say goodbye to the low speed or little availability of the service and always have the speed that you expect at a national level.

All plans have unlimited data. If you consume all the data of your plan, you will not be without Internet since you can continue browsing at a reduced speed of up to 1-2 Megabytes. HughesNet is the # 1 satellite internet choice with more than 1.2 million users in the world, in addition to world-class customer service every day of the year, 7 × 24.

And the equipment has the latest satellite internet technology included, in the monthly rate, with the most advanced WI-FI technology to connect multiple devices in your home.

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