HUMAX 4tune + UHD Twin Tuner PVR Satellite Receiver

HUMAX 4tune UHD Receiver

HUMAX 4tune + UHD Twin Tuner PVR Satellite Receiver

You know full-HD and find that you’ve never looked so good in quality? It’s even better! Ultra HD (also called UHD or 4K) is called the magic word, and behind it is a four times higher image resolution
Than with Full HD.

With the UHD 4tune +, HUMAX is launching its first UHD-capable satellite receiver. Enjoy TV pictures in unrivaled sharpness and clarity and experience every detail more than life-like. With the Quad Tuner, you can view, record, or stream multiple programs at once. Extend the UHD 4tune + to a digital Ultra HD / HD recorder using a standard 2.5-inch hard drive or a USB hard drive. Operate the UHD 4tune + via smartphone and tablet, program your favorite messages in advance via the Internet or via the app and play photos, videos and music from the receiver in the home network.

And for house-internal conflicts in the program design, there is the SAT IP function: stream “your” broadcast on the home network to the smartphone or tablet and make it comfortable where nobody bother you. A further premiere: With the HD + ExtraScreen ** function, you can also stream many HD + HD channels in your network – and enjoy full HD quality on your smartphone or tablet. HD remains HD, not only that makes the UHD 4tune + unique!

Conclusion: The UHD 4tune + from HUMAX is simply a sharp part, and definitely the latest in satellite receivers – be part of it!

* Function requires 2.5 “hard disk drive or connection of an external USB hard drive

** HD + ExtraScreen will be updated on the UHD 4tune + from summer 2016 by software update To be available. At the same time, the HD + Connect app is used to receive the live TV signal in HD for iOS devices In the Apple App Store. The HD + Connect app for selected Android devices is expected to follow End of 2016.

Features and Functions:

– Red Dot Award for award-winning design
– Ultra HD satellite receiver for receiving, recording * and streaming live TV in HD
– QuadTuner for simultaneous viewing, saving and / or streaming
Several programs
– SAT> IP server to distribute the TV signal in the home network
– HD + ExtraScreen for streaming TV channels in HD quality to mobile devices **
(HD + Connect app required)
– Recording * of Ultra HD, HD and HD + programs via optional commercial
2.5 “hard disk (slot) or USB hard disk (PVR-ready)
# Automatic time shift function for time-delayed television *
# Remote programming via Apps or HUMAX Website *
# Digital Media Server * and Player based on UPnP
– HD + card with 12-month free trial for reception / recording of over 20 of the
The highest quality private HDTV quality and the UHD1 UltraHD transmitter around the clock
– Control via Humax Apps for Smartphone and Tablet (iOS / Android)
– HUMAX SmartTV apps with video on demand, YouTube, media library …
– Premium EPG with picture navigation and 7-day preview
– 1 CI + bay and 2 USB ports
– WLAN and Bluetooth integrated
– 7-digit VF display

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