Invacom LNB Fiber Optic

Invacom LNB Fiber Optic , Invacom LNB with an optical digital output,This high quality universal LNB is the received best satellite tv signals into digital light waves. The transfer to the various distributors and end components via Fiber optic cable has virtually no attenuation. Only about 0.3 dB on 1km.

This LNB is this just an optical output at Installations where long signal paths are available.

fiber optic cable

Invacom LNB Fiber Optic

The LNB has an optical connector (Type: FC / PC) and a F-connector. About the F-connector is the external 12V power supply fed. The AC adapter is included.
Via the optical output all 4 satellite tv levels are transmitted. The signals are “stacked” here and in a frequency range transmit 5450 MHz – 950 MHz from. Using modern laser technology , this frequency range on a single laser-wide
Routes will be transferred. The laser power is sufficient for a maximum
Distribution to up to 32 fiber optic cable service.

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