iPhone 7 supposedly with second speaker instead of the headphone output

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 supposedly with second speaker instead of the headphone output

The iPhone 7 fitted instead of a headphone output with a second speaker – so the view of two analysts. There is quite some time now rumors that the connection will be invisible and Apple instead on Noise-Canceling Headphones sets. But even that is not the case, according to the analysts.

This is the conclusion a report analyst Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn comes at least on behalf of the financial institution Barclays. Accordingly, the second speaker in the iPhone 7 will just sit at the point at which at current models like the iPhone 6s the headphone jack is. Thus is however not expected too good stereo sound, as PhoneArena writes. Both iPhone 7-speaker would then namely located on the underside of the device.

Better sound through new construction?

Perhaps the two speakers will also be able to because of a novel technique to produce better sound. Apple has a patent secured , which describes how the could accomplish. Whether the method described will also apply to the iPhone 7, however, remains uncertain.

The report of the analysts also addresses the rumors about Noise-Canceling Headphones. The iPhone 7 should be expected as only having a normal codec transcoding – so continue to filter out any noise. It is conceivable that Apple subsequently files such feature in a Revison, about an iPhone 7s. An indication of a lack of headphone jack in the iPhone 7s is even included in iOS 9 , clear evidence there is not yet, however.

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