IPhone 7 will display thin frame and can identify with wet fingers press

IPhone 7 thin frame LCDs Pixel Eyes

IPhone 7 will display thin frame and can identify with wet fingers press

The company Japan Display, which supplies screens for the iPhone, has started mass production of second-generation LCDs Pixel Eyes, designed for premium smartphones and tablets. New components bring with them not only improve image quality, but will produce thinner smartphones with narrow frame around the screen.

Technology «in-cell» company Japan Display suggests that using a mobile device, the sensor is integrated directly into the display, and not a separate layer. As a result, the screens will not only thinner but also provide a deep black color transfer, and the panel will become more sensitive to clicks. In this case the display panel will work correctly even with wet fingers, which is a major concern for current models of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

We know that creating iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Apple engineers performed an optical illusion. Due to the brink rounded border around the screen look thinner than it actually is because the human eye sees only the edge of the glass and black aluminum body ignores. In fact, the thickness of the framework remained roughly the same as in the iPhone 5. Thanks to the second generation display Pixel Eyes frame display can be reduced to 0.5 mm Reduction screen edges allow Apple to release even a 6-inch model in the case of 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus.

The second generation of LCD-displays «Pixel Eyes» based on technology LTPS. These modules are designed according to the most common screen size of mobile device. At the same time expanding their scope. The maximum size of the panels based on the first generation of this technology was only 6 inches. The new solution can be used in devices, screen size reaches 16 inches, making it a likely component of not only iPhone, but also iPad and MacBook.

Earlier, Japan Display screens provide their smart phones Apple. Since production has begun, new screens can appear in the iPhone 7, which will be presented this fall.

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