iPhone and iPad that works on OS 10?

iOS 10 release date

iPhone and iPad that works on iOS 10?

When will Apple announce iOS 10? What are the latest rumors about the tenth edition of Apple’s mobile operating system? What we all hope to see in this latest version? You read it in our extensive file of iOS 10th.

iOS 10 release date

As every year, Apple also enters 2016 with a new version of its mobile operating system. It is expected Apple will at WWDC 2016 iOS announce 10. With this announcement, Apple will immediately reveal the latest details. WWDC usually takes place in the first or second week of June. Immediately after the announcement, the first beta version of iOS 10 expects that will be available for registered developers. The public beta of IOS 10 is expected later in the summer. iOS 10 is expected for the general public are available in September 2016, together with the latest iPhones.

iPhones and iPads work on iOS 10?

9 with iOS is Apple’s first managed to drop off any devices. That is, any device suited for iOS 8 also works flawlessly with iOS 9. iOS 9 works on the following devices:

iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus
iPad 2, iPad third generation, fourth generation iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
iPad Pro
iPod touch fifth generation iPod touch sixth generation

We predict that this year some units will attack with the arrival of iOS 10. This primarily relates to aircraft from 2011. There are also new devices come again. The list of supported devices for iOS 10 would thereby be released on the following list:

iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6c * 7 * iPhone, iPhone 7 Plus *
iPad third generation, fourth generation iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3 *
iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5 *
iPad Pro iPad Pro 2 *
iPod touch fifth generation iPod touch sixth generation

Appliances are not announced or confirmed by a *. The naming of these devices can still change.

iOS 10 functions

Multitasking on the iPad in iOS 9, iPhone. At the time of writing it is not known yet what functions will come in iOS 10. Why go there some rumors about future iOS features. An example of this is Siri Voicemail , whereby it would be possible to voicemail messages to be converted into text. Or what about the possibility of default apps to delete ? With the arrival of iOS 9 are increasingly HomeKit devices available. Even before the announcement of iOS 9 has been talked about a separate Home app , which to this day has not yet appeared today. Perhaps this latest iOS?

iOS 10 rumors: Rootless makes jailbreak harder

In OS X, Rootless already entered. It is also known as System Integrity Protection (SIP) and it means that you as a user does not have administrator rights anymore. There are rumors that Apple also wants to implement in iOS 10. Changes to the operating system can therefore not simply be made longer. Rootless should increase the security of the operating system, but it also has other consequences: it will be harder to jailbreak.

iOS 10 rumors: Home app for HomeKit accessories

With HomeKit Apple wants you to control various devices in the home. The first HomeKit accessories are now available from brands like Philips Hue and Elgato. What is still lacking is a central app that lets you control all devices. HomeKit is now only accessible via the iOS settings (under Privacy). The Home app must bring together all the settings and functions, as is now the case with the Health app.

iOS 10 rumors: iCloud Voicemail

Siri in iOS takes 10 the phone and can talk to the caller. The spoken texts are then converted to voice messages. ICloud Voicemail can replace the standard voicemail, which you can read the text and do not have to listen to. Apple would have already started to test the internal functions.

iOS rumors 10: Availability of contacts

Another rumor is about to show the status of contacts. The rumor is based on a patent, which recently emerged. It describes how you can check the availability of your contacts, so you know if someone is available for a (IM) conversation and at what location.

iOS 10 rumors: Customize Console

The control panel (Control Center) is a useful place to turn on and off quickly functions without having to go to the Settings App. You can only change anything. In iOS 10 there would be more opportunities to choose the switches and apps to add.

iOS 10 rumors: Apps can use Siri

One of the expectations is that Siri will play an important role. Apple could give developers access to the Siri API so that you can issue commands by speaking. In some applications already a bit: you can, for example, the Philips Hue lights off and do with Siri commands. However, this works through HomeKit, already tuned to operate with your voice.

iOS 10 rumors: dim and dark screen mode

Apple banned the app f.lux , while it appeared clear that there was a need for a lot of dimming the screen. The orange glow of the screen makes you less likely to get short of sleep. Why Apple banned f.lux is still unclear, but we hope it’s because they are busy themselves with a similar function, which is standard part uitmakan iOS. Apple also introduced in OS X a special dark mode (dark mode ), if you want the display to appear less bright. Even that could make the switch to iOS.

iOS 10 rumors: Hiding standard apps

Apps that you never use such as Tips-, Equity or Podcast app you should hide. Last autumn , there was suddenly a rumor that Apple intends to delete the default apps. You could then choose which browser or email app you’re using standard.

Our iOS 10 wish list

In addition to the rumors that have been mentioned, we also have a wish list of improvements that should make Apple above. Features below, we would like to see in iOS 10.

Apple Pay in the Netherlands. For the launch of Apple Pay in the UK did not require software update, so we doubt whether this is necessary for the Netherlands. Apple Pay functions are now even all not yet accepted in iOS 9. Dutch credit cards only.
Dutch public transport information in Apple Maps
Multiple accounts for users, especially on the iPad. This desire has been around a long time and we fear that Apple will never admit to.
Merge Apple IDs. People taking a long time Apple products and services, often have multiple Apple IDs. It would be convenient if you could merge, so you do not have to switch between accounts.
Adding apps and settings panel.
Group calls for FaceTime, ideal for the larger screens of iPhones and iPads.
Possibility to adjust the video resolution from the camera app. To switch between 4K and 1080p, you must go to the Settings app, which is rather cumbersome.

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