iPhone backup, here is how to do it safely: 2 effective methods

iPhone backup

iPhone backup, here is how to do it safely: 2 effective methods

Now have a smartphone is the norm, and there are tons of people for whom the mobile device par excellence is the iPhone, both for the performance and the quality of the product. Unfortunately, theft, loss, or damage to your smartphone are always around the corner, it can happen even to those who are best to their iPhone to forget it somewhere or that accidentally dropped and broke beyond repair. When this happens immediately reveals a great concern, that of how to recover data in the device, which is why it is advisable to periodically back up your iPhone. Thus we see the two simplest methods and safe to do so, through iTunes and iCloud.

Backup iPhone iCloud

iCloud is the virtual storage service from Apple, the safest and easiest way to back up your iPhone. It is enough to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and head of the appropriate words in the iCloud settings device, and then scroll through the options until the item Backup, where we will have to activate the check and then choose to save the data in applications virtual memory. After that we will have to start the process and wait until it is finished without disconneterci from the wireless network. To verify that everything is done properly enough to go to iCloud -> Archive -> Manage space and should be present when the last backup made. E ‘can set the iCloud backup as periodically automatically, with Wi-Fi and connected to a power source, of course arranging free for storage

Backup iPhone iTunes

Now to the second method for making backup from iPhone, and is to use iTunes on your PC or Mac. The first step is to download and install the iTunes software ( download HERE ), then you have to open the same program and connect to the iPhone computer. From item File in the top menu we choose Devices and Transfer From iPhone purchases, to save the downloaded content from the App Store. Did this just start up with the same old location, File -> Devices -> Back up, and wait for it to complete. To ensure that everything is done properly just go inside your iTunes settings and then under Devices.

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