iPhone battery suddenly empty and false battery indicator – That you can do!

iPhone battery suddenly empty and false battery indicator – That you can do!

Perhaps it is you happened to you that the battery indicator of your iPhone just 15% showed and the iPhone turn off shortly thereafter. Apple has this problem now admitted (we reported ) and will probably bring in the foreseeable future, a software-based solution. Until then, you should this article offer some solutions.

iPhone battery

Problem: iPhone turns off too early

The problem is – again summarized briefly – the following: The battery indicator on the top right provides a specific value, which lies beyond 1%. The iPhone turns off, even though the state of charge seems to be adequate. If you connect the iPhone to the power supply, it is not unusual that after a restart in turn a higher state of charge indicates as one that would justify a forced off.


If you are affected by this issue, you should try the following solutions in order.

1. Disable automatic settings and re-enable

Settings> Date & Time
In a support document, Apple calls a possible solution to a faulty battery indicator. Then the culprit should be in the settings for Date & Time. According to Apple, it is possible that the percentage display is no longer updated, after changing the time or time zone. But even those who did not change anything here, the following should try:

Typing on the level Date & Time on the button next to Set automatically to deactivate the automatic time, and then turns it back on. Keep while the percentage indication of the battery upper right of the view, where appropriate, it has already changed.

Then Performs a restart through by their home button and standby button hold simultaneously until the Apple logo is seen on the display.

If the problem of a faulty battery indicator persists, you should try the following solutions.

2. Calibrate Battery

The first step should be to recalibrate the battery of your iPhone. For this you have to your iPhone use initially until it turns itself off, ie until the charge reaches 0%. Depends your iPhone then ans charging cable and let it to 100% charge. It is important that the charging process is not interrupted.

3. Restore iPhone without backup

Settings> General> Reset
To rule out that it is a pure software problem, you should reset and re-set, import without a backup you your iPhone. Of course, you should before restoring nevertheless a backup via iTunes customize (backups can never hurt!).

Then opens on your iPhone settings, tap on General, and (bottom) Reset. Selects here now delete content and settings.

Is your iPhone restored, it is important for the time being import no backup! Observed a few days, if the problem is resolved. If not, you can offer your backup course at any time upload via iTunes.

4. Battery Swap

If you so far “managed” have it, the news is not got too good: The first two solutions have you ruled out a software error. So if the fault still, an exchange of the iPhone battery is required.

Warning! Are you in possession of an iPhone 5, which was sold between September 2012 and January 2013 you might have luck. Based on the serial number of your iPhone you can check whether her free battery exchange program for iPhone 5 can avail.

Battery replacement for Apple

For an exchange of Apple, you visit the best the service Answer Center of Apple and clicks then turn left onto Battery Service. There are there to find all the information needed for their battery replacement.

Battery exchange with other providers

Not only Apple’s replacement of iPhone batteries, various other companies have specialized. A corresponding Google search brings numerous results. Although third-party work normally cheaper, you should previously anyway convince you of based on field reports of other users of the reliability of such companies.

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