IPTV Satellite Receiver Strong SRT 2010 HD

IPTV Satellite Receiver Strong SRT 2010 HD High performing and modular IPTV solution STRONG IPTV receiver enables customized solutions for different needs for hosting, telecoms and broadcasters. With a terrestrial, satellite or cable tuner it becomes a hybrid box for great TV entertainment. STRONG offers the SRT 2010 with Oregan media browser and Octopus middleware from Vianeos, but is as well able to communicate with other services.

IPTV Receiver

High Definition MPEG-4 (AVC / H.264 / WMV9 / VC1 / DivX / XviD) video decoding
Standard Definition Sorenson Spark / ON2 decoding
Mosaic and PIP video decode modes
OpenGL ES 1.0 Based 3D Graphics*: spins, warp, flips, etc
Unified Graphical User Interface engine and run time environment
CEA – 2014, AJAX, Adobe Flash / vector graphics rendering capabilities
Web Browser with support of CE-HTML
Native and remote EPG options
Support several CA Systems like Verimatrix, SecureMedia etc (optional)

International language support
Secure multi-room media link to PCs
Support for WiFi mobile handsets, digital cameras and NAS devices
Network PVR, built-in hard disk or PVR via USB
Premium and user-generated web downloads & streaming
Multiple User Interface skins and theme personalization engine

Octopus includes modules, such as network administrator, content management, user interface management and reporting module which allows measuring statistically services and sales utilisation.

Like a Lego, Octopus allows you to assemble bricks according to your needs. Its range of products is presented as packages offering different service levels. A specific combination can be done for any type of use.

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