Jepssen DigitalBox HD Satellite Receiver

Jepssen DigitalBox HD Satellite Receiver For those who believe the maximum is only the starting point, Jepssen has created the most powerful and versatile digital global system

HD Digital Box is the only product able to receive, record and play back high-definition TV (HD and Full HD) directly from all terrestrial and satellite tuner be received from 3 (6 in the Extreme Edition) that is equipped series, or from any external audio-visual equipment connectable via inputs A / V Through the internal scaler and the HDMI digital output, the HD Digital Box “Jepsen”, improves the sight of traditional broadcasting stations because it increases the resolution to 1920x1080p, becoming the necessary linking for whom has a TV Full HD, such as the LCD TV and LED TV Jepssen.

Personal Video Recorder & Media Player, digital video recorder and HD media player

Rae Jepsen

Digital Box HD recording in high definition on ‘hard drives up to 3TB or directly to DVD via the DVD recorder integrated. All recorded programs can be viewed at any time, without restrictions of time or use. With the push of a button you can start a recording (OTR) and the duration, the timer schedule programs to record and produce your own TV palimpsest (single events, daily and weekly). Lets see a previous recording while recording another program or, if necessary, to stop temporarily the vision of the live program and then continue playing as if it had never been interrupted. All video recordings can be edited using the popular software to eliminate unnecessary advertisements or sequences.

Additionally, HD Digital Box is an HD media player and plays from ‘internal hard disk, the player or any external device connected (eg USB Pen or USB HDD / e-Sata, etc..) All existing formats including the new ones (Blu-Ray) specifically dedicated to high definition TV.

The whole world of the Internet
HD Digital Box to receive the new channels TV and Radio on the Internet (IPTV) and ensures high-speed navigation is essential for the use of new media, the management of electronic mail (e-mail) and video functions (Msn , Skype, video phone, video conferencing, etc..) and remote video surveillance.

Always ready
The management of all functions is wireless, via the remote control and / or wireless multimedia keyboard 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi with the optical trackball (up to a distance of 10 meters 360 °). Frequently use the HD Digital Box remains in stand-by position and can be switched on or off in seconds via the remote control or keyboard. The switching on and off can be programmed via the Timer function.

A single network for audio, video, Internet, software and data
HD Digital Box is the ideal solution for a total sharing of resources with all members of the family. The audio and video, the Internet connection and any files that are shared using the JPL PowerLine modules inserted into existing electrical sockets or via WLAN modules that transmit over the air, on all other TVs or computers in rooms.

From tape to CD / DVD / DivX, convert from analog to digital video recordings
By connecting the camera to the VCR or Digital Box HD can be transferred quickly and simply, the content of the video directly on your hard disk by converting them into digital (Mpeg-2/Mpeg-4, etc..) And then, if necessary, file them with the integrated burner, CD or DVD, avoiding the rapid deterioration of the traditional magnetic tapes and getting a better video and audio fidelity, stability over time.

Highly faithful
8-channel HD digital audio processor, and optical and coaxial digital outputs also fully capable of satisfying the desires of the most demanding audiophiles.

Ready for Whatever
There are numerous connections provided on the front and back of the HD Digital Box: Dish Satellite, Terrestrial TV Antenna, Microphone Input and Headphone, USB 3.0, RS232, Parallel and input / output audio and video (HDMI, DVI, RCA , S-Video, SCART, etc..). It can also be equipped with removable hard disk tray and front panel LCD for control of the main functions of the system and for monitoring and regulating the temperature and ventilation.

The natural combination of HD Digital Box is a TV or projector with full HD: the maximum is obtained with digital TVs “Carly Rae Jepsen” LCD TV and LED TV, available in various sizes from 22 “to 52” and with projectors with Jepssen 3LCD technology.

Distinguishing features: beautiful
HD Digital Box in silver or black version, has a seductive, minimalist aesthetic, it occupies the same space as a component Hi-Fi and allows the inclusion in any environment or furniture solution.

Knows how to get involved and always wins
Equipped with the most powerful processors available today, is also a super-fast computers compatible with Windows 7 and all the software and, thanks to its total modularity, can be updated whenever necessary. HD Digital Box for excellent graphics performance enhances the beauty of its new 3D games.

Digital Box HD, everything else is meaningless
The use of the HD Digital Box is so advantageous, for the full-function, for ease and convenience and for very low cost, to be rendered useless other solutions.

With the Digital Box HD interaction between all the functions are total and this allows you to:
– Move from one section to another (Digital Terrestrial HD Tuner, HD Digital Satellite Tuner, Tuner Analog TV, PVR, media player, HD DVD Recoder, Photo Album & Editor, Web TV, Game Station and Computer) in seconds
– Record up to 2 programs at once and follow another live program, from terrestrial tuner (analog and digital) and satellite tuner
– Activate the multiscreen
– Activate the PIP (Picture in Picture)
– Surf the Internet or use e-mail and follow simultaneously or record TV programs
– Do a movie or a song from media player
– Planning hundreds of events with the multifunction timer
– Create lists of favorite channels, movies, or music, the list and the archives of favorite games
– Store, catalog and editing photo and images in various formats existing
– Use any computer software, including the new Windows 7 operating system

The technological revolution Jepssen
Moreover, since the Jepssen DigitalBox HD Satellite Receiver unitary synthesis technology, a set of building blocks (Total Control, Sensor, JIP, VAS, etc..) That combined together provide endless applications, its functions become limitless: entertainment, computing, communications , automation, monitoring of health status and much more.

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