LG SH3B Sonic steroids for your large-screen TV

LG SH3B Soundbar

LG SH3B Sonic steroids for your large-screen TV

Boost the volume level and quality of your HD or LED television with a soundbar
AN AFFORDABLE soundbar system that can enhance the sounds of your LED TV with its 2.1-channel 300 watts output, the LG SH3B boast a slim design and sleek black finish thus guaranteeing it will look good mounted on the wall under |your LED TV or placed on a |TV stand in front.

It uses three drivers for each channel to reproduce 50 watts of sound each and comes with a wireless subwoofer with 200 watts of output. The wireless speaker automatically connects to the soundbar once you plug it into a power socket. Since it is wirelessly connected to the main unit or the soundbar, you can place the subwoofer anywhere in the room.

During the test, I found that the tiny soundbar filled my large living room. It had good sound separations for movie watching but did not immerse me with surround sound effects.

The LG SH3B has Bluetooth connection for you to stream music from your mobile phone or tablet, a 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting to an MP3 player, and an optical-in port to connect to your satellite receiver or the out port of your LG TV to replace the TV’s built-in sound system. I enjoyed listening to music with the SH3B Bluetooth-streamed from a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The music was clear and the bass powerful thanks to the wireless subwoofer. You can also use SH3B’s remote control to add more subwoofer level.

During the test, I enjoyed listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Hits” album streamed from the Joox app. The soundbar reproduced good music details and good bass.

I also enjoyed using the SH3B when I watched HBO HD, using an optical cable linking the TrueVisions satellite receiver to the optical-in port of the soundbar.

The SH3B has audio options of standard and cinema, the latter especially designed to enhance dialogue.

The SH3B uses Auto Sound engine to optimise the music and movie sounds on the sound spectrum. And it also has ASC (automatic calibration of sound) technology to analyse in real time the level of audio signal to enhance the listening experience especially when you are watching movies.

LG SH3B has a suggested retail price of Bt5,990.

Key Specs

– Output power: 300 watts (50×2 watts and 200 watts of subwoofer)

– Audio modes: Standard, Cinema, ASC (Automatic Calibration of Sound), Auto Sound Engine, Dynamic Range Control

– Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, optical-in, 3.5-mm stereo jack

– Soundbar’s dimensions: 950 x 71 x 47mm

– Subwoofer’s dimensions: 171 x 350 x 261mm

– Soundbar’s weight: 2.47 kgs

– Subwoofer’s weight: 3.9 kgs

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