New cool Apple feature gives you a better night’s rest

Apple feature gives you a better night’s rest

New cool Apple feature gives you a better night’s rest

It’s becoming well understood that using computers, smartphones and tablets before bedtime isn’t the best way to fall asleep. During normal operation, gadget screens put out blue light that fools your body into thinking its daytime.

If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, though, it might be because you were checking the latest Facebook posts or watching a movie just a little while earlier. Typically, you want to stop using your gadgets one to two hours before hitting the sack. However, if you just can’t put your gadgets down, there’s now another option.

On computers, you can find programs like F.lux (PC and Mac) that shift the tint of the screen from blue to red. Your body is used to seeing red light at night, both with the sunset and then with most indoor lighting, so staring at a reddish screen isn’t going to throw your body’s internal clock off quite so much.

Unfortunately for iPhone and iPad users, there wasn’t an app to do this. While the aforementioned F.lux does have an app, Apple wouldn’t approve it for the app store because it required too much low-level hardware access.

However, in the upcoming iOS 9.3 update, Apple has gone ahead and added a feature called Night Shift that does exactly what we explained above. Using your gadget’s GPS and clock, iOS figures out when it’s nighttime and changes the screen tint to warmer colors.

This will be automatic so you don’t have to remember to active a “night” mode. There will also likely be a setting to turn it off in case you’re doing something that requires seeing accurate colors.

Night Shift could be even more interesting if Apple brings it to the Apple TV. Right now, so far as we know, no smart TV or streaming media gadget has an automatic night mode. You have to go adjust the picture settings yourself. It could turn out to be a handy addition for late night binge watchers.

Night Shift isn’t the only new feature Apple is bringing with the iOS 9 updates.

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