Nexus HMR4000 New Freeview HD Recorder with Wifi

Nexus HMR4000 New Freeview HD Recorder with Wifi,  Nexus HMR4000 new recorder with dual tuner Freeview HD .Chip Realtek 1185.Wifi N included. Web services such as Youtube XL Youku , Picasa , Flickr

Freeview HD

New Freeview HD Recorder with Wifi
Nexus HMR4000 is a powerful media player Full HD 1080p (HDMI 1.3), which lets you play the latest HD codecs MKV, MOV, RMVB, WMV … Flash FLV formats and many more. Made with a sturdy aluminum casing, easy integration with your system HDD SATA Removable Rack, memory card reader, has all kinds of audio and video connectors, analog, optical digital and make it a high performance solution to a very tight

Connectivity includes Samba, FTP, UPnP, Lan, WiFi, USB, USB Host
His extensive connectivity allows access to multiple forms of network and other devices that exchange information and play multimedia content. Connectivity to PC by USB2 or ethernet or wireless LAN. Supports FTP and Samba for network storage. UPnP, BitTorrent Client … Web Services: XL YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, RSS …

Continued evolution
A whole world of new experiences in continuous evolution with successive firmware updates via internet.

With an advanced multimedia Realtek engine
Includes the latest and most powerful multimedia decoder chipset Realtek 1185 with advanced playback of HD files and web services.

Easy setup
It has a simple user interface and intuitive for easy setup and access all its functions and access to web services. Includes menus in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)

Because of its small size and portability, you can connect the HMR4000 in the audiovisual system of your home or car.
In constant evolution of functions. Easy upgrade with new features, codecs, etc.. with the latest firmware that can be downloaded online.

Formatting HDD
Format the hard drive and create partitions easily through its menu. ALSO automatically installs the networking options and other advanced features.

Digital Photo Album
Enjoy your digital photos in JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG with HD quality and lots of effects and visualization capabilities.

Audio Juke Box
The HMR4000 supports MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, Dolby Digital, DTS, AC3, DD. You can play your music from Lan, USB Host, Card Reader or internal HDD.

Copying files from and to different inputs
Copy files from the PC HMR4000 or different devices with USB connection. You can create and delete folders to have all files sorted.

External HDD
HMR4000 can use as USB external storage drive to back up data from your PC or share data with other computers. It can accommodate any SATA 3.5 hard drive of any capacity.

HDMI 1.3
High-Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is a high-definition multimedia interface. Allows use of standard, enhanced or high definition, as well as multichannel digital audio on a single cable.

Recording and playback TV dual
Integrated dual tuner DVB-T HD H.264, EPG, Time Shift, Scheduled Recording, etc.Reproducci√≥n of H.264, MKV, MOV HD, WMV9, FLV … natively … from the hard disk, USB Host, UPnP, LAN ..

Maximum connectivity
Incorporates SAMBA and FTP server for file transfers by red.Ethernet 10/100 Mbps wired, Wi-Fi 802.11g / n 54Mbps/300 Mbps, USB Device 2.0-and USB-HOST.Salidas Video: HDMI 1.3, Component and Composite Video. Audio: Stereo, Digital Coaxial and Optical 5.1

Includes 2 USB HOST to play multimedia content of external USB devices (HDD, DVD, memory cards, etc.) can also connect a USB WiFi adapter (optional) for wireless access.

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