Nfusion HD FTA Receiver

Nfusion HD FTA Receiver The Nfusion HD is the top-of-the-line high definition FTA receiver from Nfusion. It has an incredible list of features including HDMI output for an amazing HD picture quality, Dolby digital surround sound, and a USB port for connecting an external PVR hard drive for. The Nfusion HD also includes an  internet Ethernet jack so you can directly connect your high speed internet connections to the receiver or get a wireless bridge or Ethernet power adapter to wireless get the latest updates. The Nfusion Satellite receiver can also record on your  by partitioning a portion of your main computers hard drive.

Nfusion HD FTA Satellite Receiver

* Free to air channel reception from satellite and terrestrial broadcasting
* 2 x USB 2.0, PVR function supported : record & play with an external HDD
* IPPVR (audio & video recording to remote PC via LAN)
* Web loader downloading using Ethernet port
* USB downloading using USB flash drive
* Dual inputs (satellite & terrestrial) :
* Fully complies with ATSC HDTV (VSB) & DVB-S MPEG 2
* ATSC tuner (LG NIM type) & QPSK tuner (LG NIM type)
* Decodes all ATSC HDTV standard video formats
* Including 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i
* Selectable output video format : 1080i / 720p / 480p / 480i
* Standard definition and high definition content
* MPEG2 and support for MPEG4 AVC/H.264
* High definition video output : HDMI and component (Y/Pb/Pr)
* Audio decoding : ISO/IEC13818-3(MPEG-2 audio/MUSICAM) Dolby AC-3
* Full compliant of MPEG-S digital & DVB broadcasting
* Satellite scan – multisat scan support
* Flexible reception of SCPC & MCPC from C/Ku-band satellites
* Video output resolution : 480p, 720p, 1080i
* Various aspect ratio with 4:3, letter box, full Screen & 16:9
* EPG (electronic program guide) & channel naming supported
* Multi language OSD
* Super fast channel changing
* Over 6000 channel memory for TV & radio channels
* Full color and user friendly GUI for easy control
* Timer function & PIG (picture in graphic) support
* Zoom in and out function
* Screensaver for protection of TV in radio mode
* RS-232C cable downloading
* Set to set downloading (main program & channel list data file)
* 10 favorite list & 200 programs per each list
* Parental lock function using master PIN code
* Satellite & transponder / network scan
* DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS / 22KHz switching control supported
* Super universal remote

Nfusion HD Private Server File

Nfusion HD : Download
Nfusion solaris : Download
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