Odys Smart TV Box DVB Terrestrial Receiver

Odys Smart TV Box DVB Terrestrial Receiver, DVB-T receiver for smartphones and tablets. Suitable for: all Android devices version 4.0, all iOS devices from version 5.1, Easy connection via WiFi direct connection (10 m range) Recording function.

Odys Smart TV Box DVB Terrestrial Receiver
Odys Smart TV Box DVB Terrestrial Receiver, Some TV highlights one should simply not miss: Whether it is the game of his favorite team, will discuss the season finale of the beloved cult series or TV Events ala “jungle” on tomorrow all. With the Digital Photo SMART TV BOX can be right there watching TV, where you are – whether in the cafe, at the airport, at the park or at home when the family was faster when selecting the TV program is now no longer the remote control out of the hands .

Mobile TV without IF and BUT
For your personal viewing pleasure, you do not need internet connection. With the small Digital Photo Smart TV Box you will receive free digital terrestrial television, so no additional costs incurred.

The new television freedom for all mobile devices
The SMART TV BOX comes completely without cable and with the intergrierten battery you can enjoy up to 4 hours DVBT TV-all without the clutter of wires, simply wirelessly via WiFi to your tablet or your smartphone. We also find the TV channel with high data rates the latest WIFI technology ensures your device reach the screen in excellent quality.

Refer to the program you’re watching
The program that you are watching, it’s value to be received? No problem. The Digital Photo SMART TV BOX offers the option of also “present” digital capture. Push only on the REC button and start recording.


Free TV reception
No Internet connection required
integrated battery for about 4 hours of TV pleasure
integrated hotspot
Television over the installed APP
Recording function
Timeshift – timeshifting
Channel sorting.

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