Oehlbach Falcon HD Wireless Full HD HDMI Transmitter

Oehlbach Falcon HD Wireless Full HD HDMI Transmitter

Oehlbach Falcon HD Wireless Full HD HDMI Transmitter, Wireless HDMI transfers were previously often only possible over short distances, at low resolution or with annoying runtime errors. This is now changing with the Falcon HD: The newest release of Oehlbach transmits HDMI signals in Full HD and 3D up to 30 meters wide at an extremely low latency of only 0.5 seconds.

Principle and function of Oehlbach Falcon HD are simple: The station is equipped with one HDMI input and output. At the entrance of the HDMI cable is connected, which would normally lead to the TV. This signal – for example coming from the AV receiver – is from Falcon HD automatically transmitted to the second component, the receiver which may be up to 30 meters and has an HDMI output.

The controller works with the remote control or the usual (s) easily on the second place, because the Falcon HD has an infrared return channel. For example, a started in the living room movie be continued seamlessly on a second TV. The main television receives course continue to be at full resolution signal from the HDMI output of the HD Falcon.

In addition to the comfort factor, above all, the performance data are the home cinema is of course important. Here trumps on the Falcon HD offers up to 30 meters wireless HDMI transmission in Full HD 1080p and 3D – of course HDCP compliant and including Dolby True HD and DTS HD. For stable data transmission with low latency by up to 0.5 seconds of Falcon HD uses the 5 GHz range and relies on a powerful Qualcomm Atheros AR9374 chipset and a high-quality Full HD Media Processor PureVu CNW8302.

Despite the power of the Falcon HD works extremely energy efficient and consumes a maximum of 5.8 watts in operation. With power being supplied via USB port – either directly from a nearby AV terminal or via AC adapter from the wall socket. Together with the compact dimensions of the transmitter and receiver (each 85 x 27 x 85 mm) allows the Falcon HD so extremely flexible to use and place.

The Oehlbach Falcon HD is available from November in Black. The recommended retail price including VAT is 399.00 euros. The scope of supply in addition to the transmitter and receiver units are also two power supplies, HDMI cable and infrared transmitter / receiver, and a manual.

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