Remix OS – The Android Operating System For Desktop

Remix OS - The Android Operating System For Desktop

Remix OS – The Android Operating System For Desktop

Remix OS is the unofficial desktop operating system for personal computers that is based on Android. It is unofficial because it is neither made nor is being promoted by Google as their own OS for desktops (Google already has Chrome OS). Remix OS, on the other hand has been made by three ex-Google employees whose company goes by the name Jide Technology. The OS is still in its alpha stage and is still unstable for public use but is already making the news.

Android, as we know is an open source and anyone has the right to make their own version of the same and that is exactly what Jide did. Based on Android-x86, Remix OS is an open source project that tweaks Android to support PC hardware. Though still unstable, Remix OS is already available on github for download.

The above screenshot is of the file manager of the desktop OS. Besides the file manager, the start menu (which you get on the click of the icon at the bottom left) includes MX Player, Settings, Browser, and Calculator etc. Like the Linux distributions, you can put the entire OS into USB drive and boot it running completely on the drive. You can also save the settings and file in the drive thus making it like Linux live system.

Now, we all know that even though Chrome OS exists, it is not as a popular choice among the people as Android is. One of the main reasons for it that unlike Android, Chrome OS supports a very less number of apps. Now, it isn’t possible to say whether or not Remix will gain enough popularity to become an official Android OS for desktop, but it’s definite that if Android becomes the OS for desktops just like cell phones, the app gap between the two will surely begin to bridge.

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