Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D

Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D  Who says that the days of the good old MPEG-2/DVB/FTA are gone? In a lot of countries there are enough channels still broadcasting to make the FTA Satellite receiver only reception attractive. An affordable StarSat receiver hd  can also be a good starting point for a beginner in an amazing world of satellites. Are you looking for your first satellite receivers ever? Or maybe you’re just not really happy making the greedy Pay TV Providers even richer on your expense? If so, we’ve got an interesting box for you to check out: Satellite TV Receiver StarSat SR-X1400D.

Starsat SR-X1400D

Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D

It might look a bit old-fashioned from the outside, but don’t let the first impression fool you. The front panel has everything you need to control the receiver. A four-digit display in the right part of it shows number of channel currently selected, and when the starsat receiver is in standby mode, it might help you replace that old analogue clock you have on the wall. Although digital audio and S-Video outputs are missing, your TV, VCR and HiFi system can be easily connected via two scarts and three RCAs on the rear panel.

There is one option, which has to be especially mentioned when describing SR-X1400D, and which you also have to select at the moment your preferences are selected. In the „User Preference  menu the parameter Search Speed can be set to Slow, Normal, Fast and Super Fast. The fastest result on Astra 1 was 2 minutes 56 seconds, the slowest 6 minutes 27 seconds, both bringing 657 TV and 558 radio channels.

The Search screen is so nice that even DXers might enjoy it. In the upper part of the screen you will see a position of the receiver satellite tv scanned for channels displayed on the World map. The center of the screen is used to display the TV and Radio channels found. The satellite name, frequency, polarization, symbol rate and FEC are displayed a  below. And during our tests on the SR-X1400D we didn’t even have to use a stopwatch: there is a clock in the bottom line showing how much time it took to perform the search!

The Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D software pre-programmed transponder list is quite up-to-date, on Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat Sesat at 36 East the receiver detected 78 TV and 35 Radio channels, which is a pretty good result. It’s really amazing how the zapping speed is progressing in the modern Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D ! Each new starsat receiver models that arrives to our test labs can get the picture of the channel to the TV screen notably faster then the previous one. During out tests with Starsat SR-X 1400D, it never took longer  Hungary than half-a-second, even when switching to channels located on different transponders.

If you press the „i“ button while the information bar is still on the screen, another window would appear, which would definitely make DXers happy, since it includes the channel’s Video, Audio, PCR and Teletext PIDs, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarization and Satellite TV Packages Name, as well as the number of available audio subcarriers, teletext and subtitle variants.

Picture in Picture
There is a really interesting option: the Multi Pic Loop will automatically zap between the channels in the entire channel list, giving you an option to see if there is something interesting being shown on one of them. The screen can be split to 4, 9, 10, 12, 13 or even 16 parts.

Starsat Satellite Receiver Software : Download

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