Sharp LC-70X500 Aquos 8K TV And Satellite Receiver

Sharp LC-70X500 Aquos 8K TV And Satellite Receiver

Sharp Aquos 8K TV

8K satellite receiver ready for 8K TV in Japan

Japanese TV NHK will launch Super Hi-Vision 4K / 8K broadcast in December 2018.

As he has indicated this year’s IFA fair in Berlin, 8K television is the next big thing that should be slowly drawn into our homes. Due to the upcoming Olympics in 2020 and the desire to become (or remain) the leader of new consumer technology trends in the world, Japan is preparing for a new increase in resolution.

Japanese television NHK plans to start broadcasting 4K / 8K television as early as December this year, and Sharp issues a receiver (tuner) that will be able to receive the Super Hi-Vision video signal, which you can connect to your TV or projector, of course if it supports 8K.

8K Satellite Receiver

This satellite receiver will be available in November this year, and Sharp has not yet announced how much it will cost, but says you will be able to connect it to his and enjoy a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels.

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