Sharp TU-UD 1000 4K Ultra HD Recorder

Sharp TU-UD 1000 4K Ultra HD Recorder

The market for 4K equipment is growing on and on, in Japan, manufacturers, Sharp has decided to introduce the Sharp TU-UD1000 a first Ultra HD recorder. On a 1TB comprehensive hard disk, the Sharp TU-UD1000 absorb any TV programs that are broadcast via cable and satelliteĀ  as well 4K programs can be view with the UHD receiver and record.

Technical details of the Sharp TU-UD1000

Thanks to an integrated HEVC codes of Sharp TU-UD1000 is able to view content with 4K resolution in 60 Hz, also an HDCP 2.2 output via HDMI 2.0 is possible. How Sharp itself indicates the UHD recorder can be used in its own house for about 53 hours to shoot in 4K formatĀ  when shooting in SD or HD quality can be accordingly accommodate more hours.

Anyone who has been hoping for a release of the Sharp TU-UD1000 in Germany likely to be disappointed, probably brings his Sharp 4K recorder only in Japan on the market. On June 25, 2014 should be the case for the price of converted approximately 1000 Euro, the first Japanese TV stations plan from June 2014 the broadcast of Ultra HD content for testing.

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