Sky CI Plus Module Decrypts Digital TV Channels

Sky CI Plus Module Decrypts Dgital TV Channels

In combination with a CI + enabled television you can see Sky even without an additional receiver. The Sky CI Plus module decrypts digital TV channels from Sky in receivers with integrated CI + slot.

It is plugged together with the smart card into the CI + slot of a TV or receiver.

Technical specifications

Integrated access system for reception of Sky channels
Common Interface (CI), Type II PCMCIA
Suitable for all DVB receivers with CI Plus interface *
Software update via satellite or cable
Dimensions (WxHxD): 58 x 4 x 100 mm
In conjunction with the appropriate receiving device suitable for HD and 3D

Sky CI Plus module checklist

Please check with the help of our checklist, whether the Sky CI Plus module is available for your receiver.

1. Your reception mode

The CI Plus module from Sky is suitable for satellite reception as well as for use in smaller cable networks. In the networks of the major cable provider (in Germany: Cable Germany, Kabel Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Unitymedia; in Austria UPC and Liwest) can not be used the Sky CI Plus module, because of these cable operators another access system is used. Here CI + modules are often provided by the cable operators are available.

2. Your receiver:

Below is a quick overview of all CI + enabled receivers that have been reported to us by the manufacturers as tested successfully for use with the Sky CI Plus module.

Please notice that

the CI Plus module can be operated exclusively in receivers that are suitable for CI +.
Whether your receiver CI + supported, refer to the instruction manual of the receiving device. Ensure possibly on opposite marking.
the stations of Sky can be fully taken up with a hard disk recorder or not.
The CI Plus module supports in conjunction with a hard disk recorder, only the Time-Shift Function (timeshifting) up to a duration of 90 minutes.
some channels from Sky Select, Sky Sports, Sky football Bundesliga or Blue Movie may not be represented in the channel list.
Inform are selectable in the manual of your receiving device, whether this option channels possibly via an alternative menu (z. B. Picture option, image selection, etc.).
, select the appropriate audio channel is for consignments that are broadcast in different languages ??or audio formats (eg. as Dolby Digital) on the receipt of the device menu.

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