Smart TV Trends 2017: Simple and comfortable television

Smart TV Trends


Smart TV Trends 2017: Simple and comfortable television

Internet, video on demand or media library: the television is becoming a multitalent. In this context, Smart TV assumes a leading position.

For a long time, it is no longer necessary to press a few program buttons to access the desired TV channels. Today’s remote controls are similar to a keyboard, for which an instruction manual is needed. Research on market research shows that consumers only have access to 6-7 channels. The majority have not even dealt with the whole functions of the TV, but use only a fraction of it.

Internet & Television: Do not underestimate potential and savings

For many consumers, the connection of the television to the Internet is indispensable. This is the only way to access online content and retrieve movies in seconds. Thus, the decision for the appropriate television is also bound to the internet provider. Especially the big players in the industry surpass themselves with tariff packages, offers, bonus actions and perks, in order to secure the favor of the customers.

This is accompanied by discounts and credits, which in turn force the ongoing fixed costs to their knees. Especially the Congstar vouchers from offer smart tariffs, additional data volume and extras such as an internet stick. The savings potential in this area should not be underestimated. After all, there is more budget for your own home entertainment system.

Simple and convenient: the new remote controls

The trend is towards a stripped-down version of the remote control, which uses arrows or a simpler operation to view a menu on the screen. Here, the leading manufacturers are already setting themselves on a crossroads, which maneuver the viewer through the individual functions of the television, in order not only to watch the programs, but also to retrieve videos, record, check emails and use apps.

As a result, the user interface will also significantly change, so that the viewer will first find himself in an overview after switching on. Here, the public broadcasters and the private sector are ranked alongside the streaming and video-on-demand providers.

Television will be flexible and individual

The content is compact and equitable at the same time, for example, to stream a movie and perhaps to look further at another time. This is above all comfort and flexibility when it comes to the television program. In the future, users will no longer need to focus on the program times, but rather to connect their own daily rhythm to that of the television.

This is what the new TV models 2017 do

In addition, the manufacturers at this year’s IFA have equipped their devices with much more content. This has also turned into Optimized colors and increasing contrasts . OLED displays conquer the market and no longer require background lighting compared to the LCD model. From now on the black pixels are actually in their color black and no longer appear graying.

HDR offers another solution when it comes to intense black and optimized brightness. This function was so far only with the Highclass models withheld, but now it creates in more and more television. How does the extra make itself felt? Take, for example, the image of ice, the structures no longer appear monotonous and uniform, but much more detailed. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the distribution of the HDR films is still in its infancy.

In contrast, the providers of streaming and video-on-demand 2017 have increased in speed. Here, many of the films are already available in the optimized mode and can be played even better with normal footage.

Ultra HD, 4K and OLED?

The brand new TVs surpass themselves with pixels and contrasts. In principle, a large screen also requires just as many pixels, so that many of the large format manufacturers now rely on Ultra HD. In contrast to Full HD, four times as many pixels are available here.

Where Ultra HD and 4K are equal, as they bring the same pixels. 8K and Megaauflösungen remain probably still future music. These resolutions would only work With an enormous screen diagonal of up to 2 m. OLED screens are smaller in comparison to LCD screens and produce a deeper black and subtle nuances, which are used in dark image sections. The real advantage lies in the self-luminous image points.

What do consumers expect from the smart TV sets?

Already in 2017 it can be said that TV becomes more flexible, more comfortable and multidimensional. The most success will probably be the manufacturers who offer TVs with user-friendly operation, first-class technology and image reproduction combined with practical functions. When buying, everyone should ask themselves what is particularly important to him. In the end, the TV must also fit into the space dimensions and fulfill its own requirements as well as possible.

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