So you save enough space on the startup disk in Windows 10

So you save enough space on the startup disk in Windows 10

The guide may be a wise idea to have their documents and images on a separate partition or another hard drive.

By ensuring that Windows and all installed software is on a partition and all of your data (documents, music, photos, movies, and so on) to another, you improve safety and make it easier to back up. It’s only the last partition you need to take regular copies.

startup disk in Windows 10

To separate the programs and documents is also a wise idea if you have chosen to invest in a fast SSD drive in the computer. Usually, the amount of storage space is limited to such, so then you can usefully put your document on a hard drive instead.

In this guide, we have chosen to call the built-in startup disk to C and the other for X, but the latter is presumably a drive letter closer to the beginning of the alphabet, D or E.

Here is how to move your user folders

1. Start by creating a folder on X you tentatively call the library or something similar.

2. Then click the search icon in the taskbar, type% userprofile%, and press the enter button.

3. Now open Windows Explorer window that shows all the folders in your library on C. Right-click the document in the sidebar and select Properties.

4. Now it will open a window called Document Properties. Select the Location tab, and then press the button with the name Move.

5. In the dialog box that appears, you can browse to your hard drive and folder you created on X. Here, you create a new folder for simplicity should be renamed to Document. Then press the Select Folder and select your new Documents folder.

6. Confirm that you want to move your files to the new folder. Then it’s just to wait until the move is complete.

7. Repeat the procedure with the folders for music, photos and movies until all your personal files have been moved to X.

Here is how to move your Onedrive folder

Are you using Onedrive you can move the storage of X by following the instructions below.

1. Locate the icon for Onedrive taskbar. Right click on it and select Preferences.

2. Select the Account tab and click the Remove link to Onedrive.

3. Then move your old Onedrive folder on the C to the new location on X. (The easiest way is to hold down the shift key and drag the folder to the right destination).

4. Go back to the Account tab and click Choose folders. Now you need to browse to your Onedrive Folder X.

5. Wait until synchronization is complete and make sure everything works as intended.

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