Sonic Satellite TV Meter

Sonic Satellite TV Meter There are many satellite meter available today but how many of them can tell you what satellite you are pointed to? Moslem Dayani from Iran thought about this and developed a small satellite meter that can do just that.

Sonic Satellite TV Meter Anyone who ever set up a satellite antenna is certainly familiar with this problem: is the satellite dish tv really pointed to the right satellite? The display on the satellite meter shows a signal but could it be a different satellite that the dish was pointed to? Moslem Dayani explains, To solve this problem I built a satellite finder with which you can hear the audio from one of the satellite channels.

Moslem Dayani simply modulated the audio output from the satellite receiver onto the coaxial cable from the LNB and with the proper alignment of the dish you will hear the audio from a previously set up channel in the receiver. You will only hear the channel’s audio if you are aligned to the correct satellite tv, comments Moslem Dayani, The Sonic Satellite Finder has two adjustments, one for volume and the other to match the level of the LNB. Some LNBs deliver only weak levels forcing an adjustment to the level so that the measurement unit has enough room to play with.Moslem Dayani sees himself as an inventor and is not interested in manufacturing and distributing the Sonic best satellite tv finder himself. Anyone who is interested in marketing this kind of product should contact Moslem Dayani directly at

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