Sony BRAVIA 4K ZD9 HDR TV Flagship with 100 inch Screen Size

Sony BRAVIA 4K ZD9 HDR TV 100 inch

Sony BRAVIA 4K ZD9 HDR TV Flagship with 100 inch Screen Size

The new flagship series Sony BRAVIA ZD9 is published in three sizes, including the high-end flagship with 100 inch screen size for almost 70,000 euros.

The Sony BRAVIA 4K ZD9 and HDR is the new flagship of the Japanese television. The 4K image processor X1 Extreme will enable 40 percent more image improvement in real time. The release takes place in September, of the 100-inch giant follows a little later in November.

Sony has three new flagship TVs, the BRAVIA ZD9 series on offer: The Sony KD75ZD9BAEP with 75 inch screen size, the KD65ZD9BAEP with 65 inches and if you like huge, may have recourse to the KD100ZD9BAEP – this suggests with almost 70,000 Euros to , All models support high dynamic range and solve with 3840 x 2160 pixels. For image enhancement in real time, the image processor X1 draws Extreme responsible – the manufacturer promises 40 percent more real-time image enhancement than the previous chip. Object-based HDR-remastering, Dual Database Processing and Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR are the features of the X1 Extreme.

Release of Sony ZD9 in September from 4.999 Euro

Points will the Sony ZD9 however not only bursting with technology but also with its stylish appearance. To frame and screen go almost seamlessly into one another, the Slate Design wants to score with a clear line. All cables from the back to be covered and provide a tidy overall impression. In terms of Smart TV, the Google operating system Android TV is used, which allows access to numerous apps – including media centers, streaming services like Netflix or Amazon or even games in between. Thanks to the Play Store are numerous opportunities for perfect entertainment choice. The new DTT standard DVB-T2 HD is already supported, an additional receiver is not needed here. From September there is the Sony ZD9 in 75 and 65 inches for sale, from November followed by the 100-inch TV.

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