Sony super-thin LCD TV will blow your mind

Sony super-thin LCD TV will blow your mind

OLED TVs have been all over the place at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this pat week, and Sony doesn’t do OLED TVs so how does it compete? With a bold initiative called Backlit Master Drive.

LG, Samsung, and others are putting out OLED TVs with incredible brightness and resolution specs, while Sony is sticking with LCD — but the Backlit Master Drive is the company’s not-so-secret weapon to even the playing field, according to an Engadget report.

Sony super-thin LCD TV will blow your mind

It’s a gamble for the company, but Sony is confident it will pay off. The BMD would fix color and brightness shortcomings of LCD TVs, at least when compared to an OLED TV.

Sony has unveiled a new LCD prototype with some impressive stats: 4,000 nits of brightness, four times more than even the most high-end televisions. BMD does this with a layer of LED backlights along with software and dimming techniques to make the brightness of the television appear off the charts.

In an interview at CES 2016 with, a represenative from Sony said that the company is taking the concept of “intelligent peak” and shifting power around the backlight to an “extreme level.”

“At the show here we have something very cool we’ve cooked up,” he said. “It’s in the prototype stage and sort of a conceptual idea … but what we’re showing here is the Backlight Master Drive system.”

He said Sony wants to “continue to improve” upon LCD technology with this concept.

“It’s not just about how bright the color white can be, it’s how rich and lifelike the colors can show up,” he added. “Neon never looks right on a television, it always looks a little flat, but on that television it’s like you’re standing there.”

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