Switching to SSD: A reasonable cure for old PCs

Switching to SSD: A reasonable cure for old PCs

Using solid-state hard drive is a simple computer upgrade, the most effective for older PCs, which helps improve the speed, while reducing noise and a series of other small utilities .

About 15 years ago and earlier, the majority of users when it comes to upgrading old computers will think of the first RAM, this method is simple and effective. Because computer parts at that time a very high price, difficult to convince users. Therefore, upgrades are for both processors and discrete graphics, not everyone has a strong hand, accept this. With this context, would rather give up the high amount always buy new products to enjoy the platform technology at the time the latest.

computer upgrade

At that time, the new SSDs start to bloom, but the biggest obstacle is located at a very high price, equivalent to the old computer staging configuration sufficient for office workers. Most users choose to upgrade in the form of buying more RAM combined with acceleration software, system cleaner. It should be noted further, common operating system is Windows 98 at that time and 2000, the ability to optimize not really “good” as the next generation, especially Clause “eats” RAM.

HDD and SSD quick comparison

Go back to the main problem is the hard drive. Period of 5 years, multi-line computer mainboard supports SATA ports 2 and 3 for the remarkable speed of up to 6Gb / s compared with the standard ATA / PATA previous corresponding speeds of 133 MB / sec . Normally, HDD type 5400 – 7200 (revolutions per minute) for the speed to reach about 100-150 MBps. Meanwhile, solid-state hard drive to reach a maximum speed of up to 550 MB / s on SATA 3 interface, for performance than compared with the HDD. To have come so fast, SSD mechanism used to read and write data to NAND flash memory, comes the same driver challenge of how memory works CPU or core-logic chip.

The actual benefits with SSD

Due to the fast pace “miraculous” and increasingly cheaper prices, many users chose to buy SSD running an Exchange method to install Windows and other software to improve performance, speed up an old computer. Particularly HDDs are used for data storage needs is key, such as music and movies. Actual experience, a computer user when installing Windows 7 on both HDD and SSD drive, alone boot time has obvious differences. SSD for boot time completed on the home screen only 1/3 to 1/7 of Windows versus HDD, this is true only relatively, as that depends on the configuration of the PC and Laptop overall.

Solid-State Hard Drive has the speed, just quiet operation, better power savings

Solid-State Hard Drive has the speed, just quiet operation, better power savings

SSD is not simply speed up the boot problem, more important to improve the speed of the machine operation, ultra-fast response program startup applications . Besides, the SSD by using a NAND flash memory should not cause noise, while also saving power than HDD, even operate without heat, more heat as HDD. Finally, SSD composition totally different from HDD, users do not need to take time and effort to put the drive, defragment the hard drive already familiar to users who previously used as a hard drive HDD.

Instead of a conclusion

The upgrade computers to achieve the most effective, users often have to upgrade the SSD hard drive, processor and RAM, even when the graphics card to replace that. However, if the update that changed so many things in the mainboard (motherboard) is too old and obsolete, it effectively brings still fail to be as expected. Because users can spend twice the amount of slightly higher or would have been staging owns new machine configuration is quite good, especially the superior power inherited from the latest platform. Particularly effective SSD upgrade for laptops, but the trade off, users will lose a spacious hard drive space.

In this context, not everyone can buy them new machines, the optimal choice now simply buy a new SSD drive. After this time, users can buy them new computer platforms, easily recycled SSD, no need to buy a new hard drive.

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