TechniSat UHD 4K Receiver DIGIT ISIO STC Plus

TechniSat UHD 4K Receiver DIGIT ISIO STC Plus

TechniSat UHD 4K Receiver DIGIT ISIO STC Plus, TechniSat has its, recently at the IFA in Berlin presented, first UHD 4K Receiver DIGIT ISIO STC Plus placed on time for the Christmas buying in the market. This was announced at the specialist for products in the consumer electronics and information technology from the Eifel region. The first Ultra HD 4K Receiver, made by TechniSat, the company introduces an ultra-sharp Receiver Revolution and equips already made for the perfect viewing experience of tomorrow. The DIGIT ISIO STC + receives and processes thanks to support for the latest standards (HDMI with 4K 50 / 60p / HDCP 2.2 / H.265 / HEVC) 4K TV programs via satellite and 4K video content from external media or from the network.

Triple flexible

Technisat UHD Receiver Thanks to the integrated, 3-fold twin tuner, you can enjoy maximum flexibility. The dual connector allows highest TV comfort by z. B. a TV program live viewed while recording another, or will be streamed on the network. The receiver can bring you the TV program in high-resolution HD format (HDTV) not only via digital satellite (DVB-S / DVB-S2), but also digital cable (DVB-C) and soon also via antenna. Because the DIGIT ISIO STC + supports the new, high-resolution terrestrial television via DVB-T2 HD, which starts in Germany since 2016th

Smart ISIO Internet functionality and much more

The ISIO UHD Sat Receiver in high-quality aluminum housing with alphanumeric display allows not only to receive digital program variety, but opens wirelessly over the integrated WLAN module, the gateway to the Internet directly on your TV screen. The DIGIT ISIO STC + can be on IP-based interactive services, such. As media libraries, accessing video on demand offering and HbbTV.

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