The Android.Bankosy malware can steal passwords through voice calls

Android.Bankosy malware

The Android.Bankosy malware can steal passwords through voice calls

Eighteen months ago Symantec has warned of the arrival of a Trojan called Android.Bankosy which, as its name suggests, can be cast on devices with the Google operating system inside. This malware was dangerous because it was capable of stealing personal data if he could get into the phone. Well, it has now evolved and you can steal passwords through voice calls.

Android.Bankosy is a very dangerous Trojan. We already knew. However, it has gone a step further and is now able to steal data including voice calls. Of course, these data can be stolen only at specific calls. These are what we receive when a company sends us a password for authentication on two factors.

This way of communicating the password is new. Normally these companies sent to the mobile phone password by SMS, some banks, thinking about the safety of their customers, are now enabled using automated calls to tell us the password we have to stick to access your account. Well, Android.Bankosy is able to intercept.


How it works Android.Bankosy

According to Symantec , Android.Bankosy works like this: “Once the malware is installed on the device of the victim, a rear door is opened, contains a list of specific system information, and sends the command and control server to register the device and then obtain a unique identifier for it. If the registration is successful, the unique identifier received to communicate with the server and receive different commands “is used.

Thus one of these commands can be to divert incoming calls when a particular receipt. For example a specific number. The Trojan itself could activate the silent mode to prevent the victim realizes that he has received an incoming call.

Obviously, for Android.Bankosy succeed in such cases, you should first have the first password of the victim, something that should have gotten on the other side. Anyway, it is a dangerous Trojan and as we always recommend, the better to avoid shocks is apart from unburden always apps from Google Play, and not third-party stores also install an antivirus to protect us from all kinds of software malicious.

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