The best alternative launchers on Android

launchers on Android

The best alternative launchers on Android

The launcher is the pivot of Android, the screen where you ultimately spend the most time. This launcher precisely, it varies very often a smartphone manufacturer to another and can significantly reduce the functionality yet present in the basic version of Android. In short, sometimes it is better to look elsewhere if the grass is greener elsewhere. Here are the best alternative launchers on Android.

What is a launcher on Android?

The launcher is the equivalent of the desktop on Android, a central place where the user finds when he unlocks his phone and where he places the icons of the most frequently used applications. What many users do not know is that the launcher to an Android smartphone is not fixed. One installed by the manufacturer can be modified and replaced by another.

The launchers available from smartphone makers are often quite limited in terms of customization. Understandable limitations: Phones must be easily handled by the general public. But if one wishes to change the size of the grid where the applications are displayed, change colors, display the number of unread messages on the icons or have an office that we really like, it is necessary to go through launchers third. Here is a selection of new alternative launchers for Android, all very different and should cover all customization needs.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is the base, the safe bet this selection. This is the launcher which allows to find the interface of Nexus smartphones, which allows you to return the tray application when it disappears and regain standard icons. A rather greedy launcher that is more, but that the absolute minimum. Do not expect him to have tons of customization options and more control of their phone. He does his job and does it well (and free), but it is not doing more.

Nova Launcher

If it’s customization and control you are looking for all, then this is the side of Nova that we must turn. On the form, Nova has almost the same design as the Google Now Launcher. But a quick detour to the options allows to see the incredible wealth of customization it allows launcher.

Managing the size of the gate of the launcher and application drawer icons look, but the theme, animation speed, various shortcuts and gestures, Nova allows and does almost everything except coffee. Finally, note that a premium version of the application, sold 5.45 euros, is also available. The latter especially adds some options and can add additional extensions. A must, simply.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a close competitor of Nova Launcher. The difference between the two is quite thin and maintains some paid features in one, and free at the other (and vice versa). They find especially with time: Nova and Apex have their strengths and weaknesses as well as their design differences. A matter of taste, so.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher, like many of launchers presented in this list, the same design and icons Google Now Launcher. It adds some additional customization options – like the ability to make the Google search widget more convenient – especially a left side menu listing all applications installed on the phone. Its free version, however, a little too apt to encourage users to go to the cashier to unlock new features.

Buzz Launcher

Too conventional and too wise, the launchers that have been presented to you above? While Buzz Launcher should meet your expectations. It can change almost everything on her phone: icons, design, wallpaper, layout, etc. It is possible both to create its own launchers or download others, directly created by the community via Homepacks, available on a website . Be warned, however, that says Advanced customization also said complications. To reach the launcher of your dreams, you have to delve into the literature and English forums.

Holo Launcher

There are a few years, the aim of Holo Launcher was to allow the owners of a smartphone that was not entitled to Android KitKat enjoy the design of version 4.4 of Android. The arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop did not yet killed Holo and has found new ways to renew itself.

Specifically, Holo adopts the design of Google Now Launcher and adds new customization options that affect the grid, shadows icons, scrolling speed, etc. The paid version of the launcher includes an interesting feature: the display of the number of messages and calls not consulted directly on the icons.

Go Launcher Ex

If you, a launcher worthy of the name must first have thousands of options and a theme store is to Go Launcher Ex that we must turn. This allows any customize or almost: themes, wallpapers, icon layout (which are not necessarily aligned to a grid) to customize the application drawer. For the impatient, a theme store everything is present, with free and paid options. Finally, note that if the application is translated into French, the translation is just horrible.

Smart Launcher

If, however, the extreme personalization bothers you and it’s the simplicity that is in your line of sight, Smart Launcher should suit you. On the desk is only present essentially as bubbles: a dialer, a music application, a browser, a photo gallery, SMS and the camera. All on a plain background, to go to the essentials. Free then the user to add or not bubbles, but the idea is that there are no pages and we do not end up with hundreds of icons. If the need arises, the application drawer then load group by topics (communication, Internet, gaming ) applications installed on the phone.

Aviate Launcher

Released in 2014 and revamped in 2015 , Aviate Launcher launcher is a very original and, for once, far from Google Now Launcher. The idea behind Aviate is to allow the user to find the right application installed on his phone at the right time and right place. Applications are well arranged in categories and can be displayed on a panel dedicated depending on where one is. Add to that the side menus to more easily find his music or his means of travel, tabs to find specific places nearby and beautiful design, and you stand a very good launcher.

Next Launcher 3D Shell

Ah, they are beautiful our launchers with icons of all he is more conventional, effects transitions timid and a glaring lack of character. Your tip to you, are the neon lights, rims shining and the fins on the rear of the car. Your tip to you is when it caught the eye and you want to use the full power of your phone. Well, Next Launcher 3D Shell, this is exactly what you need: a flashy launcher with icons in 3D transition effects in 3D, color slamming and futuristic design a little kitsch.

Caution, however, the free version is only a limited trial version in the time and the paid version still costs nearly 15 euros.

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